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Everything is not normal: COVID and trauma

It’s that feeling of waking up in the morning and for a few moments nothing is wrong. Everything is normal, quotidian. But as you brush your teeth, it sweeps over you. Everything is not normal. For me, a knot in my stomach gets tighter as I wake up, as I begin again to cope with... Read more »

Could a bladder cancer treatment become a vaccine for COVID-19?

The pull of belonging is strong. The sense that your own people are more important than other people. Others vs. Ours. Especially in a time of fear. BCG is a vaccine for TB, used worldwide historically, but since TB has been controlled in some countries, limited to a much smaller number of countries today. India... Read more »

A Reminder: Cancer is not a gift and neither is COVID

On the first night I joined my cancer support group, back in 2012, a member of the group told me that cancer was a gift. I was crying at that moment, but stopped on a dime. I was speechless. Not long after, I discovered the New York Times’ feature, ”Picture Your Life After Cancer,” a... Read more »