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Acceptance during a pandemic

My daughter spent the past couple of weeks at our house, but she headed back to her home for the rest of the shelter in place today. For the few days she was with us, which seemed like months when we lived through them, it felt like we were safe as a family. There were... Read more »

Cancer, coronavirus, and crisis: the privilege of small things

It’s not that the small things don’t matter. Oh, they do. It’s just that sometimes the siren is screaming so loudly that you can’t enjoy the sound of the thumping paws of cats on the floor above you chasing each other. On some days the small things are the only thing. Like chilled half-n-half swirling... Read more »

Cancer changes how I feel about death

Today Facebook notified me of someone’s birthday. Sadly, she died several years ago. My first reaction was to brighten up when I got the notification. She had been a student—the hard working, teachable, interesting kind. The best kind. But then the cloud descended, the sadness, the anger about cancer and all it’s stolen from this... Read more »