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Finding life in the cycle of death

Finding life in the cycle of death
When we lived in Alaska we had wild roses in our yard. One fall my little seven-year-old daughter and I clipped the rose hips off the bushes, dried them, and then ground them up to make tea. It has a faint flavor, sort of citrusy and pink. It’s the Alaskan way, to use what’s near... Read more »

Acceptance and unwinding the leash

My dog is sitting outside with me as I work on a glorious fall day. I have Freddie’s leash attached to a longer lead so that he can wander around the yard. He and I both love the chipmunks, though I suspect for different reasons. I’m amazed by how little they are, not much bigger... Read more »

Fabulous 50s, menopause is funny, and other misconceptions

Someone told me, “Just wait, the 50s are the best.” Apparently by the time you’re 50, you’ve got everything figured out, you’ve settled in to who you are, you throw caution to the wind and just live. Well, I’m 58 and I’m telling you that none of these things are true. Fifty has been like... Read more »

A moment on the journey

I wrote this in July, but I thought I’d share it now since I didn’t publish it then. I am up to walking my dog a mile at a time, riding my stationery bike, and teaching. Those days of elevating my foot seem long ago. I haven’t finished physical therapy, though, so I’m still keenly... Read more »

Milestones and a cancerversary forgotten

I missed my cancerversary this year. No anxiety or depression as August 29th rolled around. No time taken to reflect. It came and went like any other day. Yesterday it occurred to me that I’d missed it, and I realized I’ve passed a milestone. A moment in time where cancer is less present, less in... Read more »