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This is what it feels like to have a panic attack

I am in Florida with friends right now. They are friends who are “chosen family.” Being here feels safe and warm and nurturing. I’m helping my friend’s daughter learn to sew. I am not an ideal choice for the role, but I’d throw myself in front of a bus for this kid, so I’m doing my... Read more »

Why I'm glad Rachel Maddow cried on air last night

Why I'm glad Rachel Maddow cried on air last night
  I’m a member of an online support group. I wrote the other day that I’d been crying off and on for much of the day. I wrote it as a confession infused with shame. The first person to respond, a 25-year-old guy, said, “Why are you apologizing? Crying is healing. Added bonus, you’ll sleep... Read more »

Finding a middle way

ChicagoNow has started inserting videos, ads, and paid posts into our blogs. Please know that this isn’t my decision and that I do not approve any of these products or services.  Today I helped a guy jumpstart his car. He was standing outside the grocery store, in the middle of the road asking, “Am I... Read more »

13 reasons why: the media need to learn how to report on suicide

This has been a terrible week. So terrible that it’s hard to think about our world or to focus on any particular problem. However, the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have risen above the roar for me. I don’t watch a lot of television, especially in the daytime. But this has been my... Read more »