Take your baking soda and shove it, really

Someone tweeted at me last night, “Chemo kills. CBD oil, baking soda, and alkaline diet are some of things that work; sugar kills….”

I don’t know who she is, a troll, a concerned citizen with a good heart, an employee of a company that sells this crap, or what. I do know that I’m completely OVER it.

Here’s the deal. Science tells me–yes I’m one of those– that surgery, chemo, radiation, and immunotherapies are erasing some tumors and reducing the size of others. They sometimes save lives and frequently prolong them.

I don’t believe in Science because surgery and a kind of immunotherapy has made me NED. Or because combinations of these treatments have prolonged friends’ lives. I believe Science because it’s a strict process that is replicated. I believe Science because there is more than anecdotal evidence to support it. It is evidence driven and conducted by people who know how the human body works. Better still, they understand how cancer works and they’re dedicating their entire lives to knowing it better.

And how dare you, whoever you are, just wander into social media and lay your folksy little “cures” on me. You and I don’t know each other. You know nothing about my life and my cancer. You don’t know the six people we lost in 18 months in my local Support Group. You don’t know how I mourn them or the huge holes they left in this world when they died.

And, you don’t know that I was shaking with anger when I read your Tweet, that I cried. I’d love it if Valeta’s life could have been saved by baking soda, if Tom’s leukemia could have been eradicated by CBD oil, if Mary Kay’s pancreatic cancer would have been laid out by an alkaline diet. If you knew anything about cancer and about science, you’d know why these don’t work.

If you knew anything about me, you’d know that your words would hurt, that I have a soft heart, and that I still grieve the deaths of my friends.

But you’d also know that I’m fierce. My heart is fierce too. And I will stand up to this crap. Every Single Time. Why bother? Because it terrifies me that your Tweets and your smug conspiracy theories about big pharma and your general ignorance about cancer could cost someone their life.

So, shut up, and shove your baking soda where the sun don’t shine.

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