Don't ask me to believe peach pits cure cancer

Someone emailed me last night to tell me that I’m close minded about cures for cancer. In addition to knowing about my heart and my intentions, she also knows there’s a cure for cancer that big pharma is hiding. It may be peach pits.

If peach pits cured cancer, I’d plant an orchard. I’d wind back time so those peaches could cure Mary Kay and Valeta, Betsy and Stephanie, and so many others that it breaks my heart to type their names.

I’d grind up peach pits until my hands bled, and I’d give my friend Mary a huge serving. I’d take away her pain. I’d be able to keep her from having chemo and radiation, from throwing up everything she eats, and from being exhausted. I’d give June a serving too, because her cancer is Stage 4.

If peach pits cured cancer, surely my doctors and my friends’ doctors would tell us. Though we forget it, their hearts break every time they tell someone that they’re out of options.

My emailer assures me that these docs are exploiting my cancer and your cancer so that they can make money. Chemo and radiation are big money makers, so the docs and big pharma must be all in it together.

But she, my Sunday night emailer, doesn’t know these docs. She doesn’t see their faces and know their integrity. She just knows that peach pits have power.

Neither she nor anyone in her family has cancer (except for her first husband). This is because they eat well and exercise. They’ve found a way to prevent cancer. They live clean lives, free from chemicals.

Too bad that her first husband and I were so reckless and ended up with bladder cancer. If only we’d known.

But peach pits don’t cure cancer. Eating well and exercising are much better than being overweight and smoking, but plenty of marathoners and health nuts have died of cancer.

Big pharma isn’t hiding the cure for cancer. Though it’s tempting to think there’s someone out there with that much power, keeping a miracle from all of us, I’m sure that no one could keep the lid on that secret.

Pharmaceutical companies may, indeed, profit unethically from our illnesses, but they can’t sit on a cure for cancer. All it would take is one person with a mom or sister or brother or uncle with cancer, and the cure would be leaked.

Truth is, cancer is powerful and complex. It has a will of its own, and that will is destructive. It’s a hurricane and a tidal wave. It’s a chameleon. It adapts. It morphs. It is resilient.

Cancer is not one disease, but many different kinds. If we ever find a “cure,” it will be have to be many cures and not just one.

Believe what you will, but don’t ask me to believe that peach pits cure cancer.

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