Resolution Chronicles: being mindful of the moments I love

Resolution Chronicles: being mindful of the moments I love

Most mornings my husband makes the coffee. Many mornings he brings me a cup upstairs while I’m still in bed. That first cup of coffee, strong, black, and a little bitter is one of the moments I enjoy most in the day.

I don’t know what it is about that first taste of coffee. Later in the day I prefer my own brew, which is a little less strong. On many afternoons I love a vanilla latte at Starbucks after I pick up my daughter from school.

But that first cup is the best. Especially when my husband brings it to me and I’m still in bed and two cats are snuggled on opposite sides of me to ensure that they don’t touch each other.

This is one moment that I don’t have to practice being mindful of. I’m just naturally there, inside the moment. I love the smell and the feel of the mug in my hands. I love the steam rising. I love when it gets to the perfect temperature to finally venture a taste.

Lately, my favorites moments of a given week happen at physical therapy. It’s hard to be anywhere but in the moment there. It takes concentration to complete the exercises, some of which hurt. Oddly, even the pain is part of the moment because I know it means I’m progressing.

When I’m not at physical therapy, I’m in no position to work up a sweat. But, on their treadmill and their cross training machine, I can safely move. I love the feeling of my heart rate speeding up and sweat on my forehead.

Today during one of my exercises I looked out the window and caught sight of two things I love: a birch tree and a woodpecker. The birch, with its paper bark peeling back reminds me of Alaska and of the winter wonderland that it was. And woodpeckers just stand me still. Both of these exquisite moments are somehow made more special because they exist alongside a square commercial building next to a parking lot.

And at the end of it all I get to elevate my legs with an icepack on the bad knee and just drift as I listen to the sounds of the machines and the people and the radio.

These moments remind me of why I wanted to live more in the moment as a resolution for this year. Some moments are gifts that we don’t receive if we don’t bring ourselves to them. We need to see them and smell them and touch them and hear them. We need to live inside of them.

This post is part of a year-long series about my New Year’s resolution. All in the series are included in the Resolution Chronicles category below. This is the first post that explains my resolution.

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