Four cancer resources you should know about

Four cancer resources you should know about

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, are in the midst of treatment, or living in the grace of remission, you are living with cancer. It’s a burden made easier for me to bear with the help of The Cancer Support Center in Homewood.

Below are four of the best resources I know for folks coping with cancer. Reach out to these organizations. They will reach back and enrich your life.

Cancer Support Centers:  I wish I could tell everyone who has just received a cancer diagnosis about support centers available in communities throughout the United States. The centers I’m listing below are in the Chicago area and they offer support groups, counseling, nutrition workshops, meditation sessions, networking. I honestly don’t know what my mental state would be without the community at The Cancer Support Center. They’ve carried me over.

The Cancer Support Center in Homewood and Mokena 

Gilda’s Club (North Wells Street and satellite locations)

Wellness House in Hinsdale

Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook

Immerman’s Angels: Cancer is a very individual experience. For women with bladder cancer, for instance, much of the information available is about men, who are three times more likely to be diagnosed. For those with rare cancers, the isolation can be profound and alienating.

Immerman’s Angels (website here) pairs survivors with recently diagnosed patients who have the same diagnosis. They facilitate person-to-person interactions by training mentors and finding matches. To discuss your exact situation with another person, further along in the experience is priceless.

Livestrong YMCA Survivorship Program: More and more of us are surviving cancer. However, many folks face debilitating side effects from their cancer treatments, from neuropathy to deafness. Most of us are broken down after treatment, weaker, exhausted, depleted.

Livestrong’s YMCA Survivorship Program focuses on rebuilding strength and health. Their programs can help you with weight loss, strength training, and exercise specifically suited to your new normal. Illinois locations are here.

Faye’s Light: In the midst of treatment we need to find moments of pleasure and comfort. Faye’s Light offers free spa services to people currently in treatment. Facials, massage, pedicures and manicures.

If you know of an excellent resource for cancer patients and survivors, please share them with me.

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