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You’re an English teacher, right? We are who we are

You’re an English teacher, right? We are who we are
I don’t think of myself as a cliché. Who would want to? But right after I got my Honda Fit, a car I unaccountably and without restraint crushed on for years before I bought, I pulled into a parking place at an optometrist’s office. As I stepped out of the car I saw another Honda... Read more »

Resolution Chronicles: Learning to be mindful while in pain

Pain is a beast. I have been blessed to have experienced only a few moments of intense, acute pain in my lifetime. I believe that few things are worse. But I am becoming familiar with the other sort of pain, the chronic pain that registers and nags and distracts and exhausts. When I had my... Read more »

Cancer and bad luck: healthy people get cancer

Research reported in Science Magazine several weeks ago concludes that chance plays a greater role in triggering cancer than scientists had realized. This is the abstract of the study from Science: Some tissue types give rise to human cancers millions of times more often than other tissue types. Although this has been recognized for more... Read more »

I'm a better person after cancer, and that pisses me off

I have a friend, Val, who is one of the truest souls I’ve ever met. Really. She’s a good person, who makes good choices, sometimes hard choices. She’s also fun and funny. And smart. When she listens, she’s 100 percent there, but not in an intense way. She’s calm and present. She’s chill. I don’t... Read more »

Resolution Chronicles: thanking my tissue donor

I am a bottle of hot bile that the world has been shake, shake, shaking. The $1100 brace on my right knee, which is supposed to ensure my safe rehab from surgery, is a vise. In my fifth week post surgery I am in much more pain than I was during the first few days... Read more »

I've got Good Wife on the brain

My first thought these last few weeks when my eyes fly open in the morning is Alicia Florrick. For those of you not similarly obsessed, she is the main character in the Good Wife, played by Julianna Margulies. I’ve got Good Wife on the brain I guess. And why wouldn’t I? My daughter and I... Read more »

Resolution Chronicles: being in the moment….wait, not THIS moment

Resolution Chronicles: being in the moment….wait, not THIS moment
I wrote a blog about New Year’s resolutions and why I believe they can be inspiring at the end of the year. (Read it here.) Meanwhile a friend started a Facebook page where we post our keyword for 2015, and I think choosing a keyword is exactly the sort of inspiration a new year needs.... Read more »

Connecticut and doctors are failing Cassandra Fortin, a teenager who refused chemo

She is a 17 year old with Hodgkin Lymphoma, diagnosed in September 2014. She has refused chemotherapy, and her mother supports her decision. Fortin’s docs called in child services to have her removed from the home and are forcing her to have treatment. The family is suing under the “mature minors” law, arguing that Cassandra... Read more »

I'm grateful for fellow travelers

You know what I’m grateful for? Fellow travelers. People who’ve been there. Who know. Who get it. When you’re hobbling along in an IROM brace that locks your knee, on crutches that click and creak, no one ignores you. Even a teenage boy reached behind me, bravely, to hold a door open. The whole world... Read more »