Food and cancer: 7 essential books

After yesterday’s post about making sweet potato griddle cakes, several people asked me about cookbooks. In the gallery below, I’ve posted the ones I’ve discovered over the past year. Two are about the integrative medicine, laying the groundwork for the importance of food in a healthy life. They may be a bit heavy going but I found them helpful for understanding how and why cancer treatment benefits from the integrative approach of nutrition, exercise, meditation/relaxation, and medical treatment.

A word of encouragement. Living a healthier life can be empowering. However, life after being diagnosed with cancer should focus, in my opinion, on enjoying everything you can. Every book in the gallery below pretty much gives a “thumbs down” to coffee. But grinding beans, boiling water, pushing the plunger on my French press, sipping the hot, strong liquid–these are ritual for me. I love coffee, and enjoying it fully is something I celebrate.

Life is for living. My friend Betsy could eat almost nothing after two years of brutal chemotherapy. When I visited her one summer, I had Starbursts and asked if she wanted one. She said, “You know, the sour flavors are about the only thing I still enjoy.” I can’t tell you the joy I felt being able to offer her a sour lemon Starburst and see a flicker of pleasure in her face.

So, click through the gallery below. Try some recipes. Have fun in the kitchen, and enjoy life.

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