About The Authors


"I have written since I can remember, penning short stories and unspeakably bad poetry, but attempts at a novel always fizzled after the first chapter. Then I returned to graduate school where one of the requirements was to write a thesis. I left graduate school with an M.A. and a minor epiphany. If I could spend 125 pages on “Postal Repression of the Radical Press,” I could apply this persistence to a novel.

Since that epiphany, I have had nine novels and numerous short stories published. (But no poetry.) I write mysteries and suspense as D. C. Brod. These novels include the Quint McCauley private detective series; Heartstone, a contemporary Arthurian adventure; and, most recently, the “Getting Even” series: Getting Sassy, Getting Lucky, and Getting Taken. I live in St. Charles with my husband, Don, and two cats: Jura and Skye. I love the Hebrides, thin crust pizza, the Cubs, Scotch, and pens. And other people’s poetry."


"I'm a freelance writer and the author of DeLayed Reaction, a series of columns on pretty much whatever I feel like writing about. It's taught me that sometimes it's easier when someone tells me what to write about instead of leaving me to my own devices.  I'm an Ohio Buckeye transplanted in Chicagoland, and I have a love of God, history, good stories, dark-roast coffee (I Have a Bean brand dark roasts are my current favorite) and Nazis. (They’re such good villain!) A year ago, I set aside my World War II-based novel “Without a Sound” to work on “Saving Jesus,” a Christian-themed novel that asks a lot of “what if” questions.

Writing is such a solitary pursuit that a writers group a necessity for me...and every novelist. In for the long haul are fellow writers Deb Brod and Laura Vasilion—brilliant writers in their own write, er right. We meet once a week in a café to read pages, ponder plotlines, discuss dialogue, analyze agents, and laugh our heads off...and drink coffee, of course. I marvel every day that they consider me worthy to stand in their company. And I am forever grateful to be on this journey with them."


"I'm a freelance writer, blogger (Talking to the World/ChicagoNow), and novelist with nearly 30 years experience.

For me, to write is to dream. Observe. Listen. For as long as I can remember, I’ve done all three. I don’t have a problem with solitude. It’s part of the writing journey. But at least once a week, I crave the company of likeminded writers. Writers who encourage me. Laugh with me. Feed my obsession for Iceland. Deb and Susan, I owe you so much. See you Friday, at the café."