2019 NBA Draft Live Journal: My Personal Account Of This Year's Draft

2019 NBA Draft Live Journal: My Personal Account Of This Year's Draft

This is the fourth year I will be posting my live draft journal on Burwood Banter and it is by and large my most popular post every year.  If you want to laugh, feel free to read back through my 20182017 and 2016 journals. Some highlights include:

  1. “There is a 0% chance Markele Fultz is a bust”- This aged worse than Lindsay Lohan
  2. “Jaylen Brown will be a bust”- Me being an idiot
  3. My three hour meltdown after the Bulls selected Lauri Markkanen- I can’t fathom I will ever have a worse take

The NBA Draft is the best. It only has two rounds (MLB has 40 and not even god understands why), finishes up in around four hours (NFL takes an entire weekend), features mostly players you have seen play a number of times (no one knows who the left guard from Idaho your team drafted in the 5th round), and one player can immediately turn a franchise around.

I usually write more at the beginning of these, but I was late getting started on here, so just a few quick notes before I get started:

  1. I am going to misspell some foreign names. Give me a break, some of them are quite complex
  2. I am going to misspell common names as well because my spelling is comparable to Fultz’s jump shot
  3. I comment and call out all of the lottery picks, but from there I will pick and choose my spots, so bare with me
  4. If the Bulls draft Sekou Doumbouya or Jaxson Hayes, I will cry
  5. If the Bulls trade their 2nd round pick for cash, I will withdraw my entire 401(k) account to re-fund whoever bought the pick from us.

With that, let’s begin the 4th annual draft journal:

6:34- Two trades an hour before the draft. Today is a great day. Here we go!

6:37- Wait. The draft starts at 6:30? Why did I think 7? I am already rattled.

6:39- If the Chicago Bulls don’t walk away with either De’Andre Hunter (not looking good after the Atlanta trade up to 4), Darius Garland (not likely to be to available) or Coby White (may be available), this draft is a waste. Or Zion. Zion works too.

6:42- Zion Williamson selected by New Orleans Pelicans at #1

6:44- Zion is a Charles Barkley/Blake Griffin hybrid. Going to be amazing to watch. I have watched roughly two Pelicans games to date and now I will watch every pre-season game they play. Hell, I can’t wait for their summer league games. The pelicans just became must watch TV.

6:46- Ja Morant selected by Memphis Grizzlies at #2

6:47- Move over Ja Rule. Ja Morant is here.

6:48- Did not know who Morant was a year ago and now he is the #2 pick in the draft. Life is wild.

6:49- The Morant comp that no one is making; Kevin Johnson. Put aside Johnson’s personal issues and focus on their games. With Conley gone, Morant is the future in Memphis. On a side note, Memphis should take this opportunity to move its team to Nashville, make Taylor Swift a minority owner, and cash in. A no-brainer move.

6:50- These hats they are wearing a stupid. That is all.

6:51- R.J. Barrett selected by New York Knicks at #3

6:52- Unpopular take and this is coming from someone who literally loves Zion more than his own family; R.J. Barrett could easily be the best player from this draft. Sky is the limit for him. I think he can become what Andrew Wiggins was supposed to be; a franchise changing swingman that can fill the box score and average 25 a game.

6:54- So we all knew the top 3. Now the draft really begins. Let’s see if my first wish list player goes here to Atlanta.

6:56- R.J. Barrett and his dad just broke my heart on TV. If you didn’t see it, think the opposite of Lavar Ball’s mannerisms. R.J. and Kevin Durant in 2020 could be a handful.

7:00- De’Andre Hunter selected by Atlanta Hawks at #4

7:02- Jae Crowder comp is not a good luck. Chauncey did him dirty

7:03- Hunter is going to be a great pro. I see Luol Deng. Long armed defender who can shoot. I think he is more athletic than people give him credit for. Absolutely destroyed Culver in the national championship. The Hawks will make the playoffs this year. You heard me.

7:07- Darius Garland selected by Cleveland Cavaliers at #5

7:08- Garland is better than Collin Sexton, the point guard Cleveland drafted last year. Sexton is an absolute alpha although he isn’t good enough to be an alpha. Sexton is going to fight Garland. Sexton will be traded by the end of the year as collateral damage.

7:09- Do not pick Coby White. Do not pick Coby White. Do not pick Coby White. Get the camera off him! Don’t mess this up for me ESPN

7:14- Jarrett Culver selected by Minnesota Timberwolves at #6

7:14- LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!

7:15- We can’t mess this up now. Our point guard of the future is there for us.

7:16- I was in on Culver until I saw him get destroyed in the national championship. Hunter shut him down and made Culver look like a knock off Ben McLemore. Hard pass.

7:20- Coby White selected by Chicago Bulls at #7

7:20- I got what I wanted and that never happens. It hasn’t been fun Kris Dunn. As JoJo said, “Leave. Get out. Right now.”

7:22- Slot Coby White in as our starting point guard for the next 100 years. Love the hair. Love the speed. Kid seems humble and hungry. He’s gonna be a star. I see him as a modern day Stephon Marbury.

7:22- Gilbert Arenas comparison by Chauncey. Hopefully guns are not included in that comp.

7:23- I compared him to Marbury. ESPN is comparing him to Arenas. An Arenas/Marbury hybrid creates a highly dysfunctional teammate if you are taking personality into consideration. I am not and neither is ESPN, but the thought alone is somewhat terrifying. Kind of like the thought that the Bulls might trade White in a minute for Cam Reddish and a 2nd round pick.

7:28- Jaxson Hayes selected by the Atlanta Hawks at #8

7:29- The Hawks stuck with tradition of wasting the #8 pick, as Jaxson Hayes will be a bust. No #8 pick has been all-star in the last 25 years. I guess someone has to be overshadowed by Zion. Mind as well be him.

7:31- After that interview, Jaxson seems like the nicest guy ever. I retract everything. Hope he is still on the team when Zion takes the Pelicans to the NBA Finals.

7:32- Rui Hachimura selected by Washington Wizards at #9

7:33- Kinda like it. Helps not to have Ernie Grunfeld fucking around in the front office. Think he could become a fringe all-star.

7:40- Cam Reddish selected by Atlanta Hawks at #10 

7:41- I don’t like Cam Reddish as a player and would jumped out of my apartment on the 25th floor if the Bulls would have picked him (humble brag that I now live in on the 25th floor of a high rise in Chicago), but I like the pick here for the Hawks. They got Hunter at #4, who has the highest floor of anyone besides Zion and now take a gamble with Reddish. Reddish has all the skills to be an all-star and if he puts it together, the Luka Doncic-Trae Young trade might age even better (right now it has aged like a $4 bottle of Trader Joe Red, but has the potential to age as a 1971 French Chateau Margaux.

7:47- Cameron Johnson selected by Phoenix Suns at #11

7:48- Wait what? Phoenix has one of the worst defenses in the NBA and they select a shooter who can’t play defense. Not a good fit for Johnson and the Suns continue to disappoint.

7:54 P.J. Washington selected by Charlotte Hornets at #12

7:55- My girlfriend is watching me type so I have to say something nice because this is a Kentucky player and if there was a scenario where either John Calipari or me had to die, she would kill me herself. With that being said, the Hornets continue to crowd their frontcourt with big men. Washington should be an upgrade over Frank Kaminsky and Cody Zeller, but what does that even really mean?

8:00- Tyler Herro selected by Miami Heat at #13

8:01- Pat Riley officially has dementia. Herro is not a lottery pick. Could see him getting a little too involved in the Miami club scene and developing a habit. Can’t see him getting a 2nd contract from Miami.

8:08- Romeo Langford selected by Boston Celtics at #14

8:08- Great pick there. Boom or bust pick, but Boston has to swing for the fences with their picks. As an IU alum, Romeo was extremely disappointing, but we will see if Brad Stevens can get some out of him.

8:15- Sekou Doumbouya will be a name you don’t remember in 5 years. Detroit, never change.

8:16- “Detroit is irrelevant. Meaningless.” – girlfriend

8:20- I love that Chuma Okeke just got drafted by the Orlando Magic, but I thought he was going to be around for the Bulls to grab in the 2nd round. A bit of a reach here due to the injury concerns, but this kid is a monster. Safe bet that he will return from his injury faster than Fultz.

8:26- Nickeil Alexander-Walker is going to be a stud. Great find by New Orleans at #17. High upside player and will be much better than Jaxson, who was selected 9 spots earlier.

8:29- Goga Bitadze to Indiana. A white guy to Indiana. Always on brand Indiana. Guy could be good though. Like the pick. How many people at home see Georgia and think the state? I assume 100% of Trump supporters and no one else.

8:36- Spurs grabbing Luka Samanic. Of course they did. Pop will probably turn him into the best Luka in the NBA.

8:40- Still in a little shock we got White at #7. Could end up being the best point guard in this draft. He is going to make the Bulls fun again.

8:41- Why is Boston trading down for more picks when they already had too many? Danny Ainge continues to drop the ball.

8:46- Memphis trades up for Brandon Clarke. Morant, Clarke, and Jaron Jackson Jr. as a core. Memphis has a very bright future, which quite possibly has never been uttered before.

8:48- Apparently NBA GMs have gained intelligence over the years as Nassir Little is still on the board as we sit at pick #22. In the early 2000s, he would have been a top 5 selection. He is rough a flyer at this point, but has Marvin Williams 2.0 written all over him.

8:57- Grant Williams is a lame duck Al Horford. Not a bad thing. Like the pick for Boston.

9:04- Bazley drafted before Little and Keldon Johnson. WOW. That was a reach by the Thunder. He is a CLUTCH client though so they should just give him the max right now.

9:17- Nassir Little at #25 is a shocker. Expected him to go in the lottery. Could really help Portland get over the hump in the West if he puts it all together.

9:23- Belmont stand up! Dylan Windler to Cleveland at #27. They are showing top golf highlights instead of basketball highlights. Absolute reddest of red flags.

9:30- Mfiondu Kabengele is the nephew of Dikembe Mutombo. That is a reason in itself to draft him. He also has an extremely high ceiling and once again proves the Brooklyn Nets have a stellar front office that knows what they are doing. Think this kid has a lot to offer.

9:38- Jordan Poole at 28? The Warriors are still hungover from the finals. That makes no sense to me. Thought he could of gone undrafted. Poole is the guy in the pickup game that shoots 40 times, makes five, and still celebrates when he makes his sixth shot with his team down 10.

9:43- Keldon Johnson is going to the hall of fame as a Spur. What a landing spot.

9:51- Kevin Porter Jr., Garland, and Sexton all in one back court. What won’t go wrong?

10:00- The 2nd round is just starting. Is this taking longer than usual? Seems like it.

10:01- A lot of talent still available in the 2nd round. I am sure the Bulls will mess this up. No way we go 2/2 tonight.

10:05- Nicolas Claxton to Brooklyn. The Nets have the New England Patriots helping them draft. The value they get is unreal. Claxton can easily develop into a better rim runner than Jaxson Hayes.

10:21- Marcos Louzada Silva. Never heard of him. Kind of wanted New Orleans to pick Bol Bol and have the hard knocks crew follow him, Zion, Jaxson, and Alexander-Walker around.

1o:28- Did Deividas Sirvdydis play with the Ball brothers in Lithuania? Should I just assume he is friends with Luka Doncic? Nevermind. Just announced he is going to the Pistons. Sick.

10:29- What do the Bulls do here? Honestly, as long as they don’t trade it, I will be happy.

10:30- Daniel Gafford to the Bulls at #38. Would have been a lottery pick last year, but he came back and just tanked his stock because he didn’t get better. He could become a capable backup to Carter Jr. Don’t hate the pick, but wish we swung for the fences with someone like Bol Bol or Jalen Lecque.

10:37- Justin James from Wyoming just got drafted. This is when normal people go to bed. Actually, normal people probably shut it off after the lottery. However, I can’t leave Bol Bol just sitting in the green room.

10:39- Eric Paschall is going to play big minutes for the Warriors in the 2021 NBA Finals. Yeh, they will be back there in a year. They aren’t done just yet.

10:41- Admiral Schofield is going to save the Washington Wizards. You heard it here first. In all seriousness, the Wizards need a lot of help and he will not suck. I am thinking a poor man’s Draymond Green with a better attitude and a much better name. In fact, he has the best name in the draft. Best name in the country.

10:45- Did Bol Bol’s medical come back stating he should be confided to a wheelchair for the rest of his life? What is the hold up? He has upside. Draft him already.

10:48- Pat Riley might still be present after all. Bol Bol will have a better career in the NBA than Tyler Herro. I will reference people in 5 years when that is obviously clear.

11:01- Bol Bol heading to Denver. Kinda love the future of Bol spelling Jokic for 5 minutes, jacking 9 threes, and then hitting the showers.

11:03- Spurs have the next pick. Will they go with a foreign player or a four-year starter. It has to be one or the other. I am going to go with foreign player from a country I could not locate on a map. Let’s see where they go.

11:05- Quinndary Weatherspoon from Mississippi State. A senior. It is like clock work. If I was available in the 2nd round, I would pray the Spurs draft me. How many of their second round picks don’t work out? They have to have the best or one of the best success rates with late round picks.

11:07- Louis King from Oregon is still available and he has a hell of a lot of potential. A smart team needs to pick him up and if he is available after the draft, the Bulls need to be on the phone with his agent immediately.

11:25- Still here and glad I stayed up. Kyle Guy just got drafted by the New York Knicks. A better version of Ron Baker, the legendary Knick and acclaimed children’s book author. The Knicks are terrible, so Guy should make the team and get some quality minutes. He immediately becomes the best shooter on this team.

11:27- Almost over. It’s a school night and I am ready for this to be over.

11:28- Nevermind. They just put on a Coby White interview on and he is amazing. White and Gafford is a solid haul from where we drafted from.

11:32- Miye Oni from Yale just got drafted. We are drafting Yale graduates. That is where we are at. End this nonsense.

11:33- Two picks left. Toronto and Sacramento left. Ready for my mind to be blown.

11:34- King is still available, as is Jontay Porter. Both deserve to be drafted. Porter to the Raptors makes a lot of sense. They need to pull the trigger. I do realize I am way too invested in the #59 pick, but Porter is a good kid and Toronto bring him back from his injury slowly.

11:35- Instead they picked Dewan Hernandez. Sad!

11:37- Vanja Marinkovic from Serbia is the last pick to the Kings and his highlights can be described as “generic european.” Way to think outside of box Sacremento.

Well, another draft down and only 22 minutes until Midnight. NBA should put this on a Friday. Going to bed happy.


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