Tips to Overcome Bullying and Cyberbullying

With Bullying Prevention Month this October, we want to set you up with strategies to help your school. These tips will help reduce the drama and create a bully free school. Bulldog Solution’s mission is to eradicate bullying though social boldness, kindness, and connection. We strive on giving resources to help educators. Below are the... Read more »

A Dedication to My Late Brother: Losing a Loved One to Gun Violence

Dear Jay, Oh my little brother, I do miss you. Every day, I think of you and how your life would have been so different. You would have been 28 today, and that is something this world will miss. I still don’t understand why you were taken from us. In one moment, a gun took... Read more »

Make Better Choices by Understanding Your Own Biases

With the current violent incidents occurring across our country, it is important to think about how we can talk to our kids about racism, police brutality, and violence. Often, Bulldog Solution will be called into schools to run assemblies or programs due to racial slurs or racial bullying. Instead of pointing the finger, I would... Read more »

Educating Kids about LGBT and Creating an Inclusive Environment

Over the summer, Bulldog Solution has been focusing on educating teachers, camp counselors, principals, and kids about the LGBT community. With the horrific tragedy that took place earlier this summer in Orlando, our hearts ache for the families that lost their loved ones, and we wanted to do more. We prayed as they heal and... Read more »

Summer Camp Tips to Create a Fun and Safe Space for Kids

With summer around the corner…hypothetically speaking, as it is still frigid in Chicago, I want to share some of our tips from training camp directors, camp counselors, and teachers. These strategies below apply to any group or classroom setting. It is really about establishing respect, boundaries, structure, repetition, and consistency. In theory it seems simple,... Read more »

The Story of a Bully: A Boy's Perspective

I work with alternative schools and often I have interventions (student coaching sessions) with kids or teens that are more aggressive and prone to violence. I want to tell you John’s story. John is 15 years old. He is in one of the alternative high schools that I have worked with for a few years.... Read more »

Random Acts of Kindness: A List To Complete Before Christmas

As I am closing up my programs for the year with Bulldog Solution,  I am finding myself talking more and more to students about love and kindness. It may be all the violence and pain that surrounds us, or the mere fact that we need to love more and hate less. With the Santa spirit... Read more »

Life is Not Fair, it is Beautiful...

Lately, I have been lost. My mentor and professor has brain cancer. She was diagnosed 7 weeks ago and since then, I have been lost. There are no words to describe my pain. She is the most brilliant person I will ever know. Her brain is her beauty. For the past seven weeks, I have... Read more »

Building a Peace Circle in Your Classroom

It’s almost time for back to school and time to work on setting up your classroom for success. This year, Bulldog Solution had a lot of demand for training teachers on using restorative justice practices in the classroom. We found that using peace circles in the classroom is a good way to practice the social emotional... Read more »

Back to School Ideas: Help Your Child Develop Social Emotional Learning Skills

With the big buzz of back to school, I want to talk about ideas to continue building your child’s Social Emotional Learning skills (SEL) at home. SELs are getting a lot of attention in the education field. Often, parents don’t know what they can do to continuously build their child’s skills to better develop their... Read more »