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Mommy Shaming Leads to Mean Girls

As Bulldog Solution launches our back to school campaign and delivers our programs in schools, I feel that this is a topic that needs to be addressed: Mommy Shaming. This is an issue that needs to stop! Ladies, what is this about? Why is it done? As a mom, I have been shamed, and it really hurt... Read more »

Overcoming Hate in a World So Grim

As I read the news of Charlottesville and watched the videos, I could not hold back my tears. Watching such hate and violence put my heart in a state of emergency. I can’t start to comprehend the guiding principles or values of white supremacists. It baffles me that people have the ability to believe that they... Read more »

13 Reasons WHY You Should Talk to Your Kids about Suicide

Over the weekend, I sat in a church pew, surrounded by sadness, unanswered questions, mourning, guilt, and despair. I sat there dumbfounded trying to piece it all together, but nothing made sense. Tears rolled down my checks and I felt pain and such compassion for my friend. She sat towards the front, looking strong but... Read more »

Spreading Kindness Like Confetti

With my line of work, I often see aggression, bullying, pain, anger, fighting, and  LOTS of attitude. Sometimes it takes a toll on me. All that negativity can bring me down. It can weigh on me and take the best part of me. I am innately kind and compassionate. I hate conflict and aggression, so... Read more »

Tips to Overcome Bullying and Cyberbullying

With Bullying Prevention Month this October, we want to set you up with strategies to help your school. These tips will help reduce the drama and create a bully free school. Bulldog Solution’s mission is to eradicate bullying though social boldness, kindness, and connection. We strive on giving resources to help educators. Below are the... Read more »

How to Increase Social Emotional Learning in Your Classroom

The upcoming school year is fast approaching! The time has come again for us to run our PD trainings, develop classroom management curriculums, and launch our assemblies. Every year, we add new tools and strategies to our programs. This year, schools are pushing to increase social emotional learning skills in the classrooms. The problem we... Read more »

Words to Live By

As a small business owner, professor, working mom, wife, sister, and friend, I came up with my own words to I live by. The words that form my core values and motivate me to be the best version of myself. My Words To Live By Make a difference! Everyday wake up and do something to... Read more »

Why I Love my Job: It’s the Moments that Count

There have been lots of words of kindness and appreciation with the Bulldog Solution team this week. It’s only a few days into summer, but already we have had so many great moments where our staff shined. In our blog this week, we debuted the amazing and talented @Bulldog_Taylor, the youngest Bulldog on our team!... Read more »

Monday Motivation: Making it Through the Hardest Day of the Week

As part of our summer initiative and our everlasting stream of creative ideas, the Bulldog team decided to include a few new faces to our Bully Boot Camp blog. We want to share different perspectives and our uniquely individual talents. After all, it’s the ability to share our knowledge that makes our team shine! So,... Read more »

Monday Meetings: How to Create a Productive Meeting

I find that it is common for organizations to dread meetings. Often, I hear that most meetings are time wasters. They are too long, too frequent, and too many people involved. So, Bulldog started training organizations on effective meeting facilitation, and we found that these strategies can improve your meeting atmosphere, increase productivity, and create... Read more »