Category: Letters to My Daughter

Countdown Till Christmas: I am Going to Strangle My Elf

Dear Santa, We are at the final countdown for the big 5…No not Christmas, the day I can shove that Elf back into our Christmas decoration box. I am literally counting down the nights until I can say: Bye Bye Little Elf! I have to share with you my concerns over this holiday tradition. I am strictly speaking... Read more »

Random Acts of Kindness: A List To Complete Before Christmas

As I am closing up my programs for the year with Bulldog Solution,  I am finding myself talking more and more to students about love and kindness. It may be all the violence and pain that surrounds us, or the mere fact that we need to love more and hate less. With the Santa spirit... Read more »

Life is Not Fair, it is Beautiful...

Lately, I have been lost. My mentor and professor has brain cancer. She was diagnosed 7 weeks ago and since then, I have been lost. There are no words to describe my pain. She is the most brilliant person I will ever know. Her brain is her beauty. For the past seven weeks, I have... Read more »

My Favorite Childhood Memory to Share with My Daughter

Dear H, When I was young, your grandpa traveled a lot. He worked really hard and often spent endless hours in his office. On many occasions, grandpa would retire his work early and venture up to his bedroom. His master bedroom was a large open space. In one section, he had a Lazy Boy recliner... Read more »

Letter to My Daughter, "H": Halloween Costumes Are No Longer Rated "PG"

“In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total sl*t and no other girls can say anything about it.” -Cady, Mean Girls (2004) Dear “H”, Today is Halloween and in 12 years or so I will be absolutely dreading this holiday. It will be one of those... Read more »

A Letter to My Daughter, "H": How I can Change to Give you a Chance to be Strong!

Dear “H”, This month is bullying prevention month and I have been thinking of you. “H”, being a girl is hard! Though you’re only 19 months, I wish I could already shield you from the pain that comes with growing up in a wired society. A society where you can be exposed in a blink... Read more »