Be Brave * Be Strong * Be a Bulldog

My name is Kortney Peagram and my mission is to eradicate bullying through compassion, kindness, connection, and social boldness. I run corporate and school programs on leadership, team building, cyber/bullying, conflict, drama, online safety and diversity. I am passionate about training and professional development. I teach Executive Coaching and a variety of business classes. I am a total weirdo and a hot mess of a mother. I work way too much, but I love boxing, yoga, Soul Cycle, Freakonomics podcast, Ted Talks, coffee, and wine.

If you want more info on Bulldog, you can check out our website Bulldog Solution or follow me on twitter: @kpeagram, Instagram @kortneypeagram, or Facebook. You can also email me at kortney@bulldogsolution.com.  I am here as a resource to help people get the information they need to stop bullying and youth violence!