An Open Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I am writing to you to tell you that at Bulldog Solution, we believe that you can be an exemplary leader. We won’t lie, we were all nervous and a little unsettled watching the elections. We didn’t see this coming, but we have hope. We believe that you can be a kind, empathetic, and a socially bold leader. We at Bulldog Solution work in the “trenches” in Chicago. We work with at risk-youth, gang members, bullies, victims, and bystanders. We are passionate about eradicating bullying, cyberbullying, and violence through social boldness, kindness, and connection.

We believe that deep in your core, there is a kind compassionate exemplary leader that has an opportunity to shine. We believe that you can actively listen to the peoples’ concerns and find compromising solutions that will evoke peace. We believe that you can take the right steps and be accountable for your actions without placing blame. We believe that you can take this divided nation and bring us together. “Why may we believe this?”, well because we work with the leaders of tomorrow. Everyday we work with educators and youth, and we believe you can be an exemplary leader.file-oct-25-4-41-41-pm

We believe that kindness always wins! We believe that you can open your heart, feel the “Bern” and address the needs of our nation. It is hard to be an exemplary leader, but we know that in your core, as a father, as a husband, as the President of the United States, you can do it. We all make mistakes and say things that we don’t mean. We know you can own up to it and apologize. We know that in your heart there is no racism, sexism, or mean intentions, because each one of us has a pure heart. A heart filled with love not ego, a heart willing to help others versus helping ourselves. We believe your heart is pure, and we ask in this moment you step back and think about how you can bridge the gap to our divided society.

Being an exemplary leader is hard. But you can do it! An exemplary leader will not boast but heal, he will not talk but listen, and he will put his needs last to ensure his followers strive. In all our programs, we teach exemplary leadership, and we have seen the most difficult kids crack and open up to be better people. We have watched children hug versus hit, share kind words versus gossip. You will do the same. We believe you can be the leader you were meant to be. Not a leader of hate, resistance, or corruption, but a leader that inspires our kids to be the best versions of themselves.

We have hope that our message gets to you. We believe that today, you will start leading this country with no animosity, no vengeance, no retaliation, but with a pure heart. An exemplary leader uses his intelligence and compassion to build a following of hope. You have the power to do so, and we hope that you take this letter to heart.

We are also sorry for all the mean words, posts, and pictures about you. We know it must hurt, we are all human! It would have hurt us to read and watch all that was said. We feel your pain and you deserve a fighting chance. So as bully teachers and social skill facilitators, we believe you can do this. We are giving you a blank canvas, we apologize, we don’t want to hurt you, but we are fearful. Fear creates resistance and when we get resistant, we protect ourselves and often hurt others. This is your chance to prove to all of us that you are an exemplary leader. We know that in your heart, you don’t want to hurt America.

We know that you need to put a tough front up on stage, but what if you shifted and led from your heart? Make your heart open and this will make us see that America is great! Our nation will follow and you will be an exemplary leader.

In closing, we wish you luck in the White House. This letter is coming from our hearts with love and compassion. We don’t want hate but peace. We strive everyday to make a difference and we know that you will make one too.

With Kind Regards,

Bulldog Team
Be Brave*Be Strong*Be a Bulldog

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