Lessons from My Pregnant Sister: Midwives & Home Birth

This week I found a new admiration and love for my younger sister. My sister is 31 weeks pregnant and I had an opportunity to be with her for a midwife appointment. It was the first time that I saw the world through her eyes. My sister is taking the time to really think about the birth of her daughter and has been truly embracing pregnancy. I am envious of how she took this balanced approach to life. I am in awe of how she took the time to read and look into what would best fit her values, beliefs, and lifestyle. I admire her strength to ignore the naysayers and how she stands by her choices of having a home birth and using midwives.Kerry and Kortney

Before I get down to what I learned, let me give you a little background into the life of my sister:

Kerry Warner is fierce, strong, and ever so dedicated to what she believes. She is a force of nature. If you ever the opportunity to meet my sister, trust me, you’ll never forget her. She is beautiful, yet she is too humble to see her own light glow. She is hysterical and always has me in stiches. She is creative and driven. She is what I call #productive.

My sister is a successful business owner. She started Easel Art Studio with just a dream and a whole lot of TALENT. Easel is a place to let kids be kids and create art. She loves kids and used her artistic talent to helps kids discover a passion for art. One of her personal goals was to have kids. When she found out she was pregnant she took the time to research about how to have a healthy pregnancy, home births, and how to embrace each moment so that she could create her own story. A story of happiness and discovery that someday she will share with her daughter. The story of how she created her and took care of her for those 10 months.

Get ready for a NOT so fun fact. For all you non-pregnant people, here’s a dose of truth: They LIED to us in Sex-Ed. Pregnancies typically last 10 months. (I was a little upset when I found out this little truth with my own pregnancy).

Kerry Baby Shower

But…let’s get back to why I admire my younger sister. This week, I discovered the beauty that lies within her. I was honored and thrilled when she asked me to come to her midwives appointment. I busted my butt to get my work done and make it. I had no idea of what to expect. I mean, I had done the HOSPITAL, drugs, and doctor routine with my own pregnancy, but knew that this would be different. When the two of us walked into the clinic, we were greeted with a feeling of warmth. The environment was just perfect: there was a nice comfy couch, tea and water offered to us, and some good gossip magazines to read. You could tell right away that women ran this place!

We walked into this small room with two women. They were so welcoming and just wanted to know how my sister was doing. They looked at her charts, and asked about everything with care. Then they looked at her belly and measured the baby’s growth. I sat in this oversized coach and watched the entire process. The midwives started poking at her belly deeply. I had never seen this approach.. All of a sudden, one of them said, “Oh, there are her little legs, bum, and head!” I was shocked! I hung onto every word they said about my niece and her growth. I was mesmerized by how it felt SO human and real to be in that room with these women. They asked me if I wanted to feel the baby. I literally jumped at the occasion. I was able to feel my niece’s little bum and back. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. It was beautiful. I could feel my sister’s baby. When we listened to the heartbeat…I totally lost my SH*T!. It was one of the most beautiful moments I had experienced with my sister.

When we left, my sister asked me if I would consider having a midwife for my next pregnancy. I am still uncertain but curious. Seeing these women in action, I know I would trust them with my life. They are knowledgeable and truly compassionate. I got the gift of seeing my sister in a different light during that appointment. She bravely went back to basics and is taking on this amazing journey of a homebirth. I was floored by her maturity and insight when we shared her process of taking in all the changes to her body and prepping for the birth of her daughter. She said, “I look at this as if I am training for an Ironman. It is about putting the hard work in and letting my body adjust to the changes. I am excited about this and I want to experience all of it.” This was such an amazing metaphor.

Kortney and Kerry

What if we thought of life as if we were training for something great? What if we stayed present and focused in our our everyday moments and allowed ourselves to take it all in? I think my little sister just taught her big sister something new…

Until Next Time…
Kortney Peagram
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