Oh, mama, you are in labor! Here’s my advice to you!

One of my best friends is in labor and I got inspired to share some of my best advice and dark tales from motherhood. As a newcomer to the mommy club, you never know what to expect. I was hit so hard, I spent the first 3 months of my daughter’s life with a glazed over look in my eyes. Overwhelmed was justpart of my day. I had no idea what to do. I was clueless. No book, blog, or advice can prepare you for what is about to come, but some good friendly tips can make you laugh and feel a little more normal.

Kortney and Erica Rumpel

My top 10 learning moments as a new mom:

10-  The first 12 weeks suck. It is HELL to be exact. There is no way around it. You don’t sleep, you hate your partner, your body went from being a wonderland to a wonderf*ck. It’s ok-it will all pass, I promise you. It may feel like it will never end, but it will.

Hunter as a Baby

9- You know what, those little humans cry all the time. If you are lucky, then you can’t relate to my story, but my little human was really unhappy about being part of this big old world and nothing would soothe her. Believe me, I tried everything. I learned that babies cry a lot and it’s ok. You will adjust to it!

8- When you hit the 12 week marker CELEBRATE! You survived the “4th trimester” as they call it. Give yourself some credit and get a sitter. Go have some fun. You deserve a day to pamper yourself. Just do it and be proud that you made it.

7- It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. It is a waste of energy. If they seem to have it all together, THEY ARE LYING! I interviewed 30 women that I think are superheroes and they all said the same thing: “Fake it until you make it!” So, don’t compare yourself.

6- Regardless of how hard your day might be, take a shower or bath. To have those 5 minutes to yourself makes you feel like a new woman. You feel like you are in the Herbal Essence commercial. That shower feels so great!

5- Brush your teeth. You might be sleep deprived and just a mess, but brushing your teeth can give you a sense of accomplishment. It will make you feel just a bit more put together. Also, your breath is NASTY so good hygiene can go a long way.

4- Sleep when the baby sleeps! I heard it a million times, and I ignored this awe-inspiring piece of advice. I thought I was above it and naps were for lazy people. Was I full of SH*T! It wasn’t until I had a meltdown and a temper tantrum in a grocery store that I realized the power of this advice. I embarrassed myself my yelling at my husband and stopping my feet like a child going through the “terrible twos”. Guess I needed a nap and had to learn it the hard way. So snooze when you can so you can be more patient and attentive with your little human. It will save you some embarrassing moments. Can’t take back that cashier calling me “CRAY CRAY”.

Joe and Hunter Sleeping

3- Get your friends and family to cook, clean, and run errands for you. Don’t think you are being a burden. They would love to help and this will honestly keep you sane. I went into labor and had just moved into our condo. We spent months in boxes, eating takeout, and our place was a mess. Why you would ask? Well I am too stubborn to ask for help. It was my loss. Hence, living the first 3 months overwhelmed was just my state of being!

2- If your sister, friend, mother, or a woman in your life offers to sleep on the couch and help you for those first 12 weeks, take advantage of it to get some zzzzz’s. Your body went through some major trauma, and you created a HUMAN! Now you have this little human and he or she is 100% dependent on you. So take the help and get some rest. You don’t want to end up like me: 3am crying louder than the baby curled up in a ball, questioning if I had it in me to do this. Yep, those thoughts pop into your head when you are sleep deprived. Get overnight help if you can!

1- Be kind to yourself and take the time off work. Work can wait, but you only got this one time to see your little human grow and explore the world for the first time. Enjoy all of it. Take it in and journal about all these steps. One day your little human will want to hear stories about his/her baby life, and since you present and took notes your stories will be better then any fairytale.

Those are my words of wisdom. I gave you a rundown of all the advice I didn’t do and boy do I ever wish I would have listen to. From a mom that learned the hard way, it takes a village to raise a child. So get help, sleep, and celebrate all the little moments. You are worth it!

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