Motherhood in Perspective: Lessons Learned from the Mommy Blog Project

Welcome to the conclusion of Bulldog’s Mommy Blog Project! Today, I take a look back at this month long project and the lessons in motherhood I learned throughout the way.  

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We asked 33 women to participate in this project, and 30 of them accepted the challenge. I crafted up the interview questions by thinking about what women want to know about other women. As a mom, I wanted to know what a day is like for other moms: what do they think about, how do they overcome challenges, and what do they love about their kids.

What I roller-coaster ride this project was! Posting intense interviews daily for 31 days was a huge challenge and risk (SO many things went wrong!), but the lessons along the way proved to make up for the extensive hours of editing and the lingering pain in my fingers from typing. I loved this project and I learned a great deal from these amazing women.

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I interviewed women from DC, Vermont, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Indiana, Michigan, Orlando, Illinois, and Canada. Each woman was asked the same questions and whatever came to their mind, I would quickly capture onto my computer. I was eagerly listening to how they managed their lives, kids, careers, and relationships. Each woman spoke about their mistakes in motherhood with great BIG laughs. Truly, we all just “fake it until we make it” as moms. It was so refreshing: we all need do the same and be a little sillier and learn to laugh at ourselves.

Here are my personal highlights from this project:

  • Motherhood is demanding (YES, I’m proclaiming it out loud!).
  • Don’t get stuck in a “Mommy Box” idealized by society.
  • Love, always love.
  • We ALL have embarrassing/ horrifying “uh-oh” stories…embrace them!
  • We all make miBeth Wagnerstakes…lots and lots of mistakes.
  • Honey Badger moms are awesome! Our Honey Badger Mom said it best: be kinder, stop competing, and stop judging each other.
  • Imperfection makes motherhood beautiful. (Did I mention that we all makes mistakes?!?).
  • Be proud, scream it out loud!
  • Remember to dance! Family DanceParties are a thing! Get to it!

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I would like to thank all of the Mommy Blog Project moms for allowing the world to now see what I have seen all along in each of them. Collaboratively, they have all brought a needed perspective into the special work it takes to be a mother. The common core these women shared was that they had no idea of how to be a parent and were willing to admit they were just learning along the way. So, next time you chat it up with a fellow mother, remember that we are all human, make mistakes, and need the support of each other.

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You can find all the women of our Mommy Blog Project by clicking HERE.

P.S. Join me Thursday as I layout the humbling truth and let you in on the behind the scenes feature of the Mommy Blog Project. I’ll let you in on all the publishing mistakes, pitfalls, late night hours, but most of all the laughs to be had in the making of this project.

Until Next Time…
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