Community Outreach Initiative

Bulldog Solution has been super busy this past month with our Community Outreach Initiative. It has been such a great experience, and we have gotten the chance to meet some wonderful people. We also learned about the lack of resources for parents and teachers. This project is designed to help communities learn more about protecting our children and building a safer community.

Diana and Batman

Diana @C2E2 with the Anti-Bullying Coalition with Batman

Robin and Diana

Diana @C2E2 with the Anti-Bullying Coalition with Robin

Most of our month has been spent driving to different communities and getting lost as we met with local alderman and government officials. We attended plenty of fundraiser events and connected with others in our field of work. Last weekend we were at Chicago’s Comic and Entertainment Expo were we met some real fun superheroes and shared resources along with author Carrie Goldman and the Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition. Here are some pics of my project manager Diana Mekarski with Carrie Goldman and our favorite superheroes.

 We then headed to Naperville to join the Jarrett Payton foundation at the “Bag the Bully Event” fundraiser. Because of our corporate sponsors this month, we were able to provide a scholarship anti-bullying training to a local after school program. During that program, I spent some time with teens being bullied and pressured to enter gangs. We talked about how there are different levels of bullying and how bullying in gangs is different that any other type of bullying. We talked about finding ways to avoid the people pressuring them, using different paths to travel in the neighborhoods they live in, and talking to friends that would support these teens. We also talked about the importance of after school activities and setting goals to focus on more positive components of their lives. I shared the story of my brother, Jason Peagram, who was murdered and how I wished he would have ran away versus fighting back. I told the teens, “If Jason would have ran away from the fight, he might still be alive.” We shared a lot of our own fears and hopes for the teens. I felt that by my team listening to these kids, we were able to help them find their own coping strategies.


My Program Manager, Mandy Lin, and I competing at the Bag Bully event. We took a picture with our opponents.

We have reached out to over 600 camp directors and shared resources to get their camps started off on the right foot. Camp safety and group management is the key to success for a fun camp experience.Through all these events and this busy month, I discovered how to better share my passion, had some amazing conversations to add to our resources toolbox, reconnected with others, and discovered different neighborhoods (sometimes by accident and my lack of navigation skills). Getting lost in Chicago’s Englewood area was quite the experience for Diana and me. I learned that sharing Bulldog’s resources does not mean giving them way, but helping our online and local communities.

We’re jumping right next into our next initiative with our Mommy Blog Project. I am interviewing 31 moms I admire. Everyday over the entire month of May, I will share their interviews to celebrate motherhood and the joys faced of watching children grow. Until Next Time…

Carrie and Diana

Bulldog at the Anti-Bullying Coalition with author Carrie Goldman

Be*Brave*Be Strong*Be a Bulldog

Kortney Peagram

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