Bulls sign Rajon Rondo

The Bulls have agreed to sign PG Rajon Rondo to a 2 year, $28 million contract, according to Marc J Spears of ESPN.

This means that the Bulls will be adding a point guard who led the league in assists last season. Which shows that the front office has no interest in losing lots of games to get a high draft pick.

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The deal is mostly for this season:

It’s playoffs or bust, and Forman, Paxson, and anyone in between just might have their jobs on the lines.

It does seem as if Fred Hoiberg likes the move:

If Rondo comes in and plays defense and pushes the ball on offense – two things he can do at an elite level when he wants to – the 2016-17 Bulls can challenge the Cavs in the East.

Rajon Rondo is now a Chicago Bull (Photo by Eric Kilby)

Rajon Rondo is now a Chicago Bull (Photo by Eric Kilby)


Rondo is going to set up many easy shots for Mirotic, McDermott, and Butler.

At the very least, this is going to be a fun team to watch.


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  • This signing could be significant if we give this guy a chance to show that he has matured beyond the guy who has a bad reputation. We already known he is an exceptional and skilled basketball player.

    We must remember that he had many good and outstanding years playing with the Celtics, but no one has ever asked for his side about what changed him and why he always seems so angry. There's a story there that Chicago might want to know.

    This kid Rondo is a survivor from wherever he grew up at. The Bulls front office is using him to save their jobs, so that's possibly another story. None of us have ever met him and our perceptions of him have been brought to us by unfavourable media. What's the deal here?

    Who is on the Bulls team that will protect him on the floor since there's no Noah or Gasol. Can anyone remember how the bigs protected players in the past?

    Whats the story about this young man? What life challenges has he has overcomed.

  • This is a desperate move by Pax to save his position. Pax and Heard may have had a plan that none of us fans could have considered. They have mastered the art of survival.
    The next FO move forward may be to re-sign Gasol at about $20M per for two years convincing him that he can win a championship without Colby. A similar opportunity is in front of Rhondo; with the opportunity to win a championship without the Celtic brand around him. Pax must appeal to the ego of both players.

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    In reply to penwit1:

    Win a championship in Chicago, lol

    Boy I wish I was as optimistic as you my friend.

  • I am optimistic but I see possibilities with another star quality player in addition to Rhondo. The Bulls didn't want to resign Gasol but are really trying to add Dwane Wade who is at the end of a great career but has been productive.
    The real reason for a Wade signing is the maintenance of the team's billion dollar value. All the quality teams are proven commodities, and competitive as a media giant that guarantees a large audience from television and broadcast revenues.
    So the Bulls cannot afford to have a bad product on the floor as a requirement.
    A proven commodity like Wade will not come to Chicago without team commitments to putting a great team on the court that could possibly win and be in the playoffs. Along with Wade must be assurances.

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    Come on down D Wade.

    Bye Bye Dunleavy and Calderon

    So Rose was traded for Grant and Lopez and some teeny weeny cash savings. Too bad Moore isn't here. Moore, Grant, Valentine, and Portis could all blossom and learn playing w Wade.

  • Next step if I were running the FO would be a trade for a rebound oriented center, someone called Cousins. Cousins would be the perfect for Chicago and any other team, but why would he come here?
    Soon Gay will be traded leaving no other option than to let Cousins go. Chi sends Lopez, 2 draft picks, and maybe Zipser or Snell

  • Or better yet, why can't the Bulls FO trade Butler, Gipson, and McDermott to Sacramento Kings for Cousins and Gay. Both teams have a lot to benefit

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