A funny anti-Bulls front office story

A funny anti-Bulls front office story

The Bulls beat the Nets on Thursday, 118-102, which comes as no surprise whatsoever… and while I’m sure we all enjoyed the game, it was pretty boring for the most part.

So I figured I’d share a comical story that gave me quite a good laugh when I was reading the RealGM Bulls Forum after the game (as I am known to do when I’m bored and looking for some good laughs).

While I’m getting used to reading anti-Bulls front office comments on every Bulls blog I read, tonight I have to congratulate RealGM Bulls forum moderator DASMACKDOWN for posting quite possibly the biggest lie any Bulls fan has ever told in an effort to make the Bulls’ front office look bad.

I know what you’re thinking “why would the moderator on a Bulls forum make up ‘facts’ to make the Bulls look bad? After all, a moderator on a Bulls message forum is probably a Bulls fan, right?”

Well, you would think so, but you never know. And all of you who are reading this know that many, many Bulls fans are not fans of John Paxson and Gar Forman, and in fact would rather see the Bulls miss the playoffs this season in hopes that someone would get fired if that happend (not that anyone would get fired, but dreamer’s gonna dream).

But these folks who think the Bulls’ front office sucks live for pointing out how much the front office sucks, and they live for pointing it out every chance they get. Giving your opinion is one thing, but fabricating a story to try and make the front office look bad is another.

Which leads me to my point.

The RealGM Bulls forum has a thread titled “Justin Holiday – a keeper?” going on right now. I don’t care to review the entire conversation, you can check it out for yourself at the link if you are interested. Not that I recommend it, but it’s good comedy as always, which is why I’m writing this.

The gist of the conversation is that GarPax got lucky in getting Holiday, and that he’s only a Bull because they wanted to dump Hinrich’s salary so they could pay less Luxury Tax this season. And that Atlanta only did the Bulls this favor of allowing them to lower their Luxury Tax bill because they wanted to open up a roster spot to sign a buyout candidate (they signed Kris Humphries), and the only way they could do so was by getting rid of Holiday when they took on Hinrich.

Of course, there is one giant problem with this theory – the Hawks had already opened a roster spot when they sent PG Shelvin Mack to Utah for a future 2nd-round pick. The Hawks could have easily bought out Lamar Patterson, who has played a grand total of 395 minutes this season, if they wanted to open up a roster spot to take on Hinrich. Or they could have sent Patterson (who has played a total of 16 minutes since February 1st) to the Bulls instead of Holiday, as Patterson’s contract isn’t guaranteed for next season.

That would have saved the Bulls even MORE in Luxury Tax this season.

The Bulls wanted Holiday, but today’s laugh is at Mr DASMACKDOWN and his desire to make the Bulls’ front office look bad, no matter how stupid and inaccurate his point is.

According to Mr DASMACKDOWN, this isn’t the first time GarPax got lucky in a salary dump. He claims that the Bulls got just as lucky when they traded Nocioni for Salmons and Miller in February of 2009 – a trade he describes as a “salary dump” for the Bulls, even though the Kings were the ones who saved future salary. Not exactly a “salary dump” for the Bulls, though it was a salary dump for the Kings.

The Sacramento Kings are the latest NBA team to engage in cost-cutting moves that will pare money from the team’s books next season.

The Kings agreed on Wednesday to a trade that sends forward John Salmons and center Brad Miller to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for forwards Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni, according to league sources. The deal will reduce Sacramento’s obligations next season, saving the Kings millions on the salary cap and keeping them well under any potential luxury tax payments.

Another source indicated that the Kings had hoped to convince Chicago to accept center Mikki Moore instead of Salmons so Sacramento could trade Salmons in a separate move. The Bulls, though, want Salmons and the Kings did not oppose it because of long-term financial savings they’re gaining from the trade.

(Just for the record, the Bulls were 23-30 on the day of the trade, 18-11 the rest of the year as they made the playoffs after the trade. And we all got to enjoy watching our Bulls take the defending champion Celtics to 7 games in a series that featured NBA records of four overtime games and a total of seven overtime periods)

According to Mr DASMACKDOWN:

Remember the Noce salary dump? No one saw Salmons and old Brad Miller giving us the jolt they did in the second half of that season.


Salmons with SAC in 2008-09: 37.4 min, 18.3 pts, 3.7 ast, .472 FG, .418 3pt
Salmons with CHI in 2008-09: 37.7 min, 18.3 pts, 2.0 ast, .473 FG, .415 3pt

Miller with SAC in 2008-09: 31.5 min, 11.9 pts, 8.0 reb, 3.4 ast, .474 FG
Miller with CHI in 2008-09: 27.6 min, 11.8 pts, 7.4 reb, 3.2 ast, .478 FG

Yeah, I’m sure nobody saw Salmons and Miller putting up the same numbers in Chicago that they did in Sacramento. Almost identical, as a matter of fact.

I guess maybe DASMACKDOWN’S Magic 8-ball was in the shop for repairs on the day of the trade?

When moderators of a message forum make up “facts” and revise history to try and make GarPax look bad, it’s no wonder I read that Bulls forum for comedy.

There’s a reason I tagged Bullsville the “home of the intelligent Bulls fan”. My readers prefer to deal in facts and the truth, and I couldn’t be prouder to provide them.


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