Bulls lose in Cleveland as expected, but let's have some fun, intelligent Bulls fans

Bulls lose in Cleveland as expected, but let's have some fun, intelligent Bulls fans

The Bulls traveled to Cleveland for their first game after the All-Star break, and as any sane person would have expected, they lost.

Final score Cleveland 106, Bulls 95. Disappointing at first glance, but considering the fact that Vegas had the Bulls as 12.5 to 13.5 point underdogs, the team actually performed a little better than expected.

Rookie PF Bobby Portis continued to impressed when given minutes, as he posted another double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds in 26 minutes. In the six games in which Portis has played at least 25 minutes, Portis is averaging 13.3 points and 7.7 rebounds in 27:16. For the season, he is averaging 15.7 points and 10.4 rebounds (4.0 offensive) per 36 minutes.

But since there is no real reason to recap a game in which the Bulls were missing 32% of their total points, 31% of their total rebounds, and 33% of their total assists – not to mention two of their top-3 in 3-point field goals made – we’ll move on to some of the more ridiculous comments I read today about the very short-handed Bulls.

I’ll warn you, most of them surround the completely ridiculous notion that the Bulls somehow screwed up by not making any trades at the NBA trade deadline (outside the Hinrich for Justin Holiday and a 2nd round pick trade). Nobody knows what deals were or weren’t actually available, so how exactly can Gar Forman and John Paxson be blamed for the unknown?

Then again, if you’re a reader of the comical RealGM Bulls’ forum or Chicago Bulls Confidential, you’re probably shocked that the Bulls could even get a 2nd-round pick in exchange for “the worst player in the NBA” (Hinrich)… the fact that they also somehow added a 6’6″ lockdown defender who was good enough to play over 600 minutes for the NBA champion Warriors last season should be your first hint as to how clueless many of these Bulls fans are.

Ready for some comedy:

Yeah, uh, KC, you might want to wait to actually confirm the actual details of the actual trade before actually confirming the trade as confirmed.

Of course, that tweet can only lead to tweets like this one:

Which, if you read my accurate report on the trade, you already knew this tweet was coming:

Yeah KC, math is really hard… take Hinrich’s ~$2.8 million salary, subtract zero, and get $2.5 million. Gotcha.

(If this blog disappears overnight, you’ll know the Tribune Corporation – which owns and runs ChicagoNow – wasn’t happy with me pointing out the inexcusable inaccuracies of the Bulls beat reporter to whom it pays a hell of a lot of money. When you write for one of the largest newspapers in the country, you might want to actually confirm something before you confirm it?)

Nah, only those who put much stock into a game in which a team is missing its All-Defense guy who guards LeBron while being 11th in the NBA in scoring.

I guess Mr Gottlieb missed those two games earlier in the season when a healthy Bulls team beat the Cavs?

I certainly hope he’s not holding his breath…

I’m 100% positive that Mr. Karantzoulis has absolutely, positively nothing to worry about…

Don’t waste your time looking for anyone who gave the front office credit for getting two assets in exchange for Hinrich. Or for not trading away a player in a salary dump (as KC Johnson predicted they would), ensuring that the Bulls would pay the NBA luxury tax this season, something the overwhelming majority of fans insisted they would never do now that “the season is lost”. Or in general, because Reinsdorf is “cheap and only cares about profits”.

Don’t buy the propoganda, read Bullsville!!


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  • We are all angry that-Gasol was not traded but it's good that we can remember that we have a sense of humour. We are truly tired of being optimistic about our Bulls.
    The reality is that we don't own the Bulls--some other people do. To us winning is important. And when we don't win we spend our time to relax watching sports, for some of us the Bulls or the
    Bears. We do this in an attempt to get away from our whatever.
    Just maybe we are two serious. Maybe we have put our trust and attention in the wrong place.
    Maybe Gasol and the FO sees something we are not seeing. Maybe the players we already have and the new coach only need some seasoning.
    Maybe there are a couple superstars already in the team we have.
    Through the years we have seen the loss of good people --it just seems like players like Forte and us fans are all taken for granted. And then again maybe there's a silver lining that we cannot see.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Wow penwit1, major props to you, that was an awesome comment.

    I have no doubt that I am known as being way too optimistic, but why not? We watch sports for enjoyment, who wants to be pissed off at our teams all the time?

    Say what you will about Gasol, but he's been an All-Star both seasons in Chicago, why would anyone bitch about him staying on the team? He is certainly respected around the league and also around the world, and while I wanted to see the Kings trade go down as much as anyone, you have to respect him for wanting to stay a Bull for the rest of the season.

    Like you said, maybe he sees something we don't see? The guys who actually coach NBA teams think he and Butler are among the top-8 players in the East who weren't voted to be All-Star game starters, we probably shouldn't be in any hurry to get rid of either of them.

    The Bulls got more for Hinrich than anyone thought they could, and they didn't dump anyone just to cut salary.

    Reinsdorf obviously signed off on paying the luxury tax this season, why not give this team a chance to get healthy and see what happens in the playoffs?

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