Rose Injury (Back Spasms) Doesn't Slow Down Bulls in 108-87 Win over Nets

Rose Injury (Back Spasms) Doesn't Slow Down Bulls in 108-87 Win over Nets
Rose Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Derrick Rose only played 10:40, but he certainly wasn’t needed as the Bulls destroyed the Nets 108-87 Monday night. Rose left the game for good with 2:54 left in the first half, but he sat out almost all of the first quarter with foul trouble and the Bulls didn’t miss a beat.

As good as Derrick’s first quarter was on Saturday in Milwaukee, the entire team played that well tonight. The Bulls shot 76.5% (13/17) overall and 80% (4/5) on three-pointers in jumping to a 35-14 lead after the first quarter.

Rose barely played in the quarter, picking up his second foul only 2:56 into the game. It didn’t make one bit of difference, however, as Luol Deng scored 13 points on perfect shooting (5/5 FG, 3/3 3’s) and Carlos Boozer and CJ Watson each had six points and three assists.

The game was over then, especially since the Nets were playing without Brook Lopez, Marshon Brooks, Anthony Morrow and Mehmet Okur. But since there is no quitting in the NBA, the teams had to actually play the final 36 minutes.

Watson took full advantage of Rose’s absence as he flirted with a triple-double (14 points, 11 assists, 7 rebounds). Boozer was hitting jumpers from everywhere and he finished with a team-high 24 points on 9/13 shooting. Deng finished with 19 points, Brewer had 12 and Taj Gibson had 11.

Joakim Noah also continued his outstanding play as of late, contributing 9 points, 12 rebounds and five assists with two blocked shots.

Deron Williams had 25 points to lead the Nets, and former Bull Keith Bogans had 7, which is actually a pretty good night offensively for him. He complained about the Bulls before the game, something about how he didn’t think it was fair that the Bulls cut him.

I’m a huge Kentucky guy and I love all former Wildcats, but come on, Keith, what did you expect? Yeah you started all season for the Bulls last year, but if Brewer doesn’t come to camp injured you probably never would have seen the floor. It was obvious to the entire world that you were gone as soon as the Bulls had a suitable replacement at shooting guard, and they let you go right after they signed Rip Hamilton.

I’d be upset if I went from a title contender to the Nets, but if you had anything to offer to an NBA team you would have gotten picked up somewhere else. I was rooting for you as hard as anyone last season, but when your offense is horrible outside of wide-open 3’s, your outstanding defense can only carry you so far.

Derrick is officially listed as day-to-day, you really can’t ever tell with back spasms. If you’ve ever had them, you know that they can flare up at any time, sometimes completely out of nowhere. Rose is tough as nails, so I don’t expect him to miss a game- but with the Bulls next two games being against the worst team in each conference (New Orleans and Charlotte) I think I would sit Derrick until Sunday, when the Bulls close out the road trip in Boston.

The Bulls moved to 21-6 with the win, the best record in the East. They are still percentage points behind Oklahoma City for the best record in the league, because Portland got royally screwed out of a win on a horrible goaltending call on Aldridge. He blocked Kevin Durant’s game-tying layup with under 10 seconds left cleanly, but the official made a horrendous call and said it was a goaltend. The Thunder would go on to win the game in OT, which allows them to stay in front of the Bulls for now.

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  • I'm in a basketball confidence pool with a few friends (we made our own, after football is done we can't handle not having a confidence pool lol) and I picked Portland, saw that ending, what a herendous call!

  • In reply to Keep:

    sorry for the horrible spelling of horrendous lol, u even have it in ur post...well it was real bad, let's just say that lol

  • In reply to Keep:

    LOL Keep, don't worry nobody is being graded for spelling haha

    Yeah I would be highly POd if I'm Portland, the worst part is the official who made the call was the one out by mid-court, the other two who had the best angle didn't make a call.

    And then they couldn't go to replay to check it? What's the point of having replay if you can't fix a call like that one, that blatantly cost Portland a game?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    yea, replay is definitely something they need to address in the's amazing how many times the official with the worst viewpoint makes the call, I know b-ball is the hardest to officiate, but c'mon man!

  • In reply to Keep:

    LOL, yeah if the ESPN NFL Primetime crew covered the NBA, that call would have certainly been at the top of the "C'mon man" list!

    If they're going to use replay, then use it- there's no reason they couldn't have looked at that call to see that is really was a good block.

    Can you imagine how pissed off we'd all be if that was Noah who made that block on Wade in the ECF, and the Bulls wound up losing in OT?

    Basketball is the hardest to officiate, but IMHO it's just like football- if you see something that isn't obvious, don't call it. If it's a questionable hold or a questionable foul or a questionable pass interference, don't call it.

    For the most part, a no-call is never as bad as a blown call, at least to me. But then give the coach a chance to challenge the call- the NBA doesn't use coach's challenges, they should give each coach 1 or 2 challenges a game for cases just like last night.

  • for sure, they could even use it only in playoffs because of the importance, if they don't want to see it too often in the regular season (kind of like the new OT rule in NFL only for playoffs).

  • Keep, I'm at work and the audio player for the highlights isn't showing up (in this post or any of the others)- is it just being blocked on this computer here, or do I have a problem that I need to fix when I get home?

    In other words, are the highlights working for you and everyone else? Thanks

  • yea, they work fine here!

  • Thanks a lot Keep, it's just this computer then. I'm not usually in this studio, I guess it's just this computer that blocks them because I've played them in other studios here in the same building.

    Thanks again!!

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