Chicago, like many other cities, is a city of homes. Each home has its own identity, culture, strengths and challenges. This blog is dedicated to highlighting the wonderful qualities of different types of homes and ways of operating those homes; the blog will also focus on some of the challenges of building a home, and will recommend solutions to those issues. It is our hope at "Building Chicago" that we focus on the inherent human impact of the built environment. Our focus will show how real property impacts the way citizens of Chicago live, work and play.  We will also focus on how Chicagoans can create a positive impact on the built environment.  Dion Hickles, the blog's author, is a knowledgeable and professional construction manager, engineer, builder, artist and homemaker who is focused on service, experience, understanding and care. Dion received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005 and earned an M.S. in Real Estate from Roosevelt University in 2015.