Stay Home, Builders

Stay Home, Builders

Hello Chicago! I’ve taken some time away from Building Chicago, so I’d like to re-introduce myself and let everyone know what’s next! My name is Dion Hickles and I am a trained civil engineer, construction manager, real estate developer, broker, homemaker, gardener, interior designer and artist. Within this current climate, I wanted to expand the brand of my blog, Building Chicago, to include not only real estate related content, but also content that can help us all create better homes. For over twenty years, I have built commercial buildings large and small, improved residential edifices across the Midwest, thrown lavish parties and have been dubbed a young granny by my acquaintances, near and far. As we’re under day 48 of quarantine, we are being forced to look at our homes, find ways to improve them, appreciate where they flourish and also take the time to care for our human sanctuaries, or physical bodies.

I will not only share recipes by technique and feel sans measurement, but also baked goods that require a blueprint to the finish line. I’ll also share ways of operating your home that will make it easier to navigate daily life. Here, I’ll focus on techniques, tips and teachings that I’ve learned from my own grandmothers, cooks and efficient operators of the home in an effort for you to apply those teachings to your own home and lifestyle.

This blog will also serve as a hub for all things real estate: construction, home sales’ outlook, real estate trends, interior design tips and tricks and a source of information that will help anyone looking to beautify their home and make their home more efficient and enjoyable as we navigate this global pandemic and work to stay healthy, safe and sane.

Building a home in Chicago is no easy feat. It is expensive, time-consuming, frustrating and messy. On the flip-side, building a home is a labor of love, satisfying, beautiful and fruitful. My home is named The Honeycomb and is located in the South Shore community of Chicago, 10 miles southeast of the loop. It is where my friends and acquaintances come to be fed, laugh, party, be loved on and most of all: rest. There’s a running joke among my friends that when they sleep here they get the best rest. That’s such a great compliment because I live and work for my home and I believe everyone should have a safe, welcoming and comfortable home where they can recharge from the rigors of life. I will reference The Honeycomb as we go along this journey of home-building and will encourage you to find a fitting and true name for your own home.

I will share the good, great and ugly that comes with creating a home for yourself and your loved ones in the hopes that Building Chicago will help you build your home into the sanctuary and safe-place it should be for you and yours. Stay home, builders!

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