Why is the local Jewel grocery store selling tiny fried chicken?

Why is the local Jewel grocery store selling tiny fried chicken?

My husband does the shopping now that he’s retired, and I work full-time. We do most of our shopping at Aldi, but today was a Jewel run.

In order for me to have a night off from cooking dinner, he “made dinner” and bought a fried chicken for $5.99. It’s normally, $6.99, but today is dollar-off Monday. (We found out why later).

Yippee!! We love fried chicken! Even my chicken-hating youngest will eat fried chicken.

(Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t like fried chicken)?

Let’s backtrack a bit to my drive home… I called to see if anyone was around.

Yes, I was hands-free. No, I never touched my phone. I adamantly speak out against driving with a cellphone pressed to the side of one’s head, so I follow that rule, too.

My newish Subaru is fully equipped with completely hands-free Bluetooth, and Siri is at my service with a simple “Hey, Siri,” but I digress.

My youngest answered, we chatted for a minute, and I asked, “Did Daddy go to Jewel today?”

Yes,” she said.

“Did he buy fried chicken for dinner?”


“Check the fridge.”

Still no.”

“Hmmm…OK, think about what you want for dinner. I’ll be home soon.”

I got home mostly on time tonight, which is a rare occurrence, so my guy was surprised. We met up in the garage as I made my way into the house and he grabbed some drinks.

I didn’t know you were home.”

“Here I am!”

You want a Coke?”

“Yes, please.” We did the ‘too-much-stuff-in-my-hands-as-I-try-to-pass-you’ dance, and I finally made it up the steps and into the house.

My youngest greeted me, and the puggies were right behind. As I set my things down, I spied plates with food on them.

Cool! I didn’t have to cook dinner! Then, I did a double take.

“Oh my word, those are tiniest chicken parts I have ever seen. What is that, a Cornish hen?”

Laughing, my youngest said, “That’s exactly what Dad just said!”

I laughed and took another look; yup, the legs, wings and thighs were some of dinkiest little things I’d ever seen.

As I chuckled, my guy wandered back into the kitchen, and I said again, “That’s the tiniest chicken I’ve ever seen!”

“That’s what I just said,” he replied.

Seriously, the poor little thing had to have been the absolute runt of the chicks. It couldn’t have weighed more than a couple of pounds.

The Perdue roasting chickens I buy are a minimum of eight pounds, so I have no idea where this sad, little chicken came from.

We joked all through dinner that it was either a pigeon, or Cornish hen.

He said that next time, he’d say “no thank you” if the pieces are that small.

Unfortunately, the local Jewel has a rather unpleasant staff manning the chicken station. One of the ladies is so unpleasant that he’s dubbed her “dragon lady.”

I told him to put on his “cop face” and be intimidating, but I have a feeling his “cop face” is just as retired as he is!

The lesson in all of this is that even in the midst of the tiny chicken, we still said grace and were thankful for the food we had. Not everyone is so blessed.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ESV)

18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Philippians 4:11 (ESV)

11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Source: Biblegateway.com

What is your experience with grocery store fried chicken? Is it worth the price? Have you ever received a tiny chicken?

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