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10 things about school fundraisers that make me crazy

School fundraisers make me crazy, and here is a list of 10 things to prove my point: 1. They usually involve food and not good food, either. Culver’s night, candy sales, pizza night and the latest one I’ve seen Little Ceaser’s Pizza kit sales. This is the greater Chicago metro area, people. Why are we... Read more »

Claustrophobia: No I am not afraid

Claustrophobia – an abnormal dread of being in closed or narrow spaces. I do not have claustrophobia, and I’m grateful. I come from a fairly large family. Growing up in a household of seven people, sharing a bedroom with a sister and a bathroom with 4 other people meant there was very little privacy for... Read more »

Why a head cold seems like a blessing to me

I am miserable. I have a head cold that makes me want to rip my face off and manually drain my sinuses. I’ve barely left the couch all day, except to eat and use the bathroom. That being said, it still seems like a blessing to me.  What? WHY, you ask? Because it’s JUST a... Read more »

La Petite Academy mini-bus driver - PUT DOWN THE CELLPHONE!

Those of you that know me personally, or have read some of my early blog posts (like Not Your Typical Athlete), know that people driving while talking on their cellphones, and/or texting while driving is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. It has been since long before the laws made it a no-no. No, you aren’t... Read more »

$100 fine for smoking while your kids are in the car with you

According to the 5 NBC Chicago Ward Room, IL State Senator Ira Silverstein wants to put a law in place that could fine parents $100 for smoking while their kids are in the car with them. I am a staunch proponent of smoking bans (most of the time). I am a non-smoker. I grew up... Read more »

TurboTax loopholes and the MyTaxIllinois website debacle

TurboTax loopholes and the MyTaxIllinois website debacle
Today, friends, let’s talk about the TurboTax loopholes and the MyTaxIllinois website debacle I endured this past weekend, shall we? Most of the duties I undertake at home relate directly to the care and keeping of human offspring, furry family members and a hunky spouse. There is one task, however, that has more to do... Read more »

The REAL face of pension reform

There is much discussion these days in Illinois and around the country about police, fire and teacher pensions. Before you start blaming the employees for this fiscal mess we’re in, I’d like you to see the REAL face of pension reform. My hubby has been a suburban Chicago police officer for over 23.5 years. For... Read more »

Hair is the bane of my existence

Why is hair the bane of my existence? 1. …because I have a tweener with trichotillomania (click to read my ongoing series about her treatment for this hair-pulling disorder). 2. …because I have two pugs that shed more hair in a day than they could possibly regrow, and yet, they are not bald. 3. …because... Read more »

Olympic coverage is more like reality TV than a sports event

I am a sports fan. I am passionate about football and hockey (mostly), but I enjoy watching many, many sports. That’s why I enjoy the Olympic games so much – both summer and winter. There are so many different and exciting events to watch. If only NBC would show them. Watching the Olympic coverage seems... Read more »

Finding peace amidst the chaos

‘Beep, beep, beep, beep…”   WHACK! …ahhh, finally. Silence. Peace. Calm. Ahhhh. I peeked at the time with barely open eyes and groaned when I saw 0600 hrs. My brain knows I keep it running 13-15 minutes fast, but my eyes told me “GET UP!” The peace was turned into “go now.” The last time... Read more »