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Elfis our Elf on the Shelf has been outed

Elfis our Elf on the Shelf has been outed
One more year. I thought we’d be able to get one more year out of our youngest for that special Christmas “magic” that exists only when little kids believe in Santa, flying reindeer and elves. As of last night, that magic has left the building. Elfis, our Elf on the Shelf, has been outed. She’d... Read more »

20 profound questions for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is 2 days away. I have hosted Thanksgiving for most of the last 19 years. I really do have it down to a science. However, as I sit here mentally planning and scheduling and making lists, 20 profound questions for Thanksgiving Day come to mind. Can you put cheese AND hummus on a... Read more »

Fevers are not welcome here

Why do holidays and fevers always happen at the same time? My youngest is complaining of ear pain and is running a 100.9 degree fever. She’s miserable, poor kid. Dangit, fevers are NOT welcome here! It never seems to fail – I have a 21 pound turkey defrosting in the basement fridge, all the goodies... Read more »

How this mommy almost wasn't - my life's greatest challenge

Those of you that regularly read this blog know that I am a mom to both humans and furry creatures. This story is how this mommy almost wasn’t – my life’s greatest challenge faced and conquered. Rewind time to spring of 1997. We were signing a contract on new construction WAY out in the boonies... Read more »

I wanted to be funny, but tornadoes are not funny

Rats. I really wanted to be funny tonight. I wanted to write about silly things – funny things. So much of my life is funny this should be easy, right? I even considered writing about random funny things again. This weekend was our missions convention at church. We had a fabulous, dynamic speaker, Dr. Ron... Read more »

I survived returning to work after 11 1/2 years at home

I did it. I survived returning to work after 11/12 years at home as a stay-at-home-mom. Whoa. This is a totally new experience for me; not the “working” part, especially since I’ve worked at this company two times in the past. The new is being a MOM and working outside the home. I’ve worked my... Read more »

Supermom does not live here

Supermom does not live here, even though I tried. Really, I tried. Yesterday was my first day of being gainfully employed for the first time in 8 years. I haven’t been employed full-time in over 11 years. To say this new routine is an adjustment is an enormous understatement. Now, don’t get me wrong –... Read more »

Change Challenges and Chocolate

The three “C’s” of life are change, challenges and chocolate. Each of these are abundant in my life these days. Change It seems that our family life, over the last several weeks, has been in a constant state of change. My hubby’s schedule recently went from 8-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts. For the first time,... Read more »

Why you should never burn those former employment bridges

This stay at home mom, after 11 1/2 years, is an employed mom and it only took me 2 weeks of seriously looking to get employed. That’s why you should never burn those former employment bridges, and I’ll explain why. My resumé could easily be 4 pages if I listed everything I’ve done since I... Read more »

Interviews, Costumes and Conferences - Oh my!

The last three days have been busy, busy for me. My days were filled with interviews, costumes and conferences – OH MY! As you may have gleaned from my earlier blog posts, Fuzzy Teeth and Stinky Pits are Why I Need a Job and Finding a Job is Hard Work, that I am trying to become... Read more »