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A gift I never saw coming

Have you ever received serious help from someone; help that came out of the blue? Help you never asked for, but a wonderful person stepped up and offered it anyway? I did, and it was a whopper! It was truly a gift I never saw coming. As most of you know from reading my many... Read more »

There's WHAT in my purse?

While waiting to hear from after sending them my blog pitch, I wrote this little tidbit on blogspot last June. Here’s the beginning of it. Click the link for the rest: There’s WHAT in my purse? I was looking for my movie ticket to see The Heat  (at my first “girl’s night out” in years), and I... Read more »

Fuzzy teeth and stinky pits are why I need a job

How can it be that fuzzy teeth and stinky pits are why I need a job? I’ll tell you how… Today, as I was contemplating what to blog about, I knew my musings were likely to be about looking for work. I have been applying for full-time, part-time and temporary work on and off since... Read more »

Why is change so challenging?

Why is change so challenging when the only constant in life is change? Everything changes. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV) To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven Source: Hah!! Bet many of you didn’t realize that one of The Byrds most popular songs, Turn Turn Turn was TOTALLY inspired by the Bible, but I... Read more »

How 10 busy hours made me happy

How 10 busy hours made me happy How could 10 busy hours make me happy, you ask? Well, sit back and I’ll tell you. Since I got back from South Dakota, I’ve pretty much stayed on vacation. To say my house is sorely in need of good cleaning is an understatement. The dog hair dust... Read more »

When that missing person you know has been found

When that missing person you know has been found, you pray that the news will be good. You pray that the person is OK and just needed a moment away to figure things out. That was not to be for my friend’s family member. Joan Smith, reported missing earlier this week, has been found. Please... Read more »

When that missing person is someone you know

I knew what to do as a 911 dispatcher when someone reported a missing person. I knew what to do as a paramedic when we found the unfortunate missing person. But, what do you do when that missing person is someone you know? I always cringe when I hear the news that someone that’s been... Read more »

Why are we so hard on ourselves

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why ARE we so hard on ourselves? My friend and fellow blogger, Steve DeLuca, wrote a blog post yesterday titled Today, I needed a time-out.  This father of four, college student, husband, full-time firefighter, marathon runner and Ironman triathlon trainee talks about a bad moment he had yesterday... Read more »

Its 8am and its already one of those days

How can it possibly be only 8am and already be one of those days? Perhaps because it’s a Monday, but it’s Tuesday. Perhaps because I had a very busy, long weekend. Perhaps because there was so much to do this morning, my coffee got cold, and now I’m “hangry”. Yup. It’s already one of those... Read more »

To save the day - having a servant's heart

My hubby teases me all the time about a variety of things, but he especially gives me a hard time about how much I volunteer my time and talents. Whenever I say “yes” to something where I am helping another person or group of people, he stands with his feet shoulder-width apart, puts his fisted... Read more »