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Random Observations on a Very Ordinary Day

Once I made the commitment to be a blog writer, a mini panic attack set in when I thought, “What will I write about all the time?” Funny thing is, now I see everything as a potential blog post. Yesterday, I even had my very first two-post day with Make My Day – Send Flowers... Read more »

Farewell to Hopper

It’s been a special week around our house; a special kind of yuck, if you ask me. If it weren’t for my faith in God, my prayer life and my friends praying for me, I would never survive a week like this – a week where, amongst many other stressors, we had to say farewell... Read more »

Make My Day - Send Flowers

As I sit here writing today, the grey skies – after days of sweltering heat – are a welcome sight, but they tend to make me feel a bit lugubrious. OH MY GOODNESS, isn’t that just the BEST word? Say it with me…..lugubrious. It is a synonym of melancholy. I looked it up. I even... Read more »

Let Me Know If You Need Anything

“Let me know if you need anything,” is what I’ve said and what I’ve heard so many times after finding out a friend is having surgery or has fallen ill. I wonder how many times I’ve actually meant what I said. I’m guessing only some of the time. In keeping with the challenge I issued... Read more »

Where Did the Kindness Go?

Where did the kindness go, everyone? Why is it that when I asked people to help out a friend having surgery by making meals for a few days, only two people were willing to step up? I do not understand what has happened to our society where people are no longer willing to help each... Read more »

Top Ten Places You Should Never Fall Asleep

After nearly nodding off at a very inopportune time, this list of where one should never fall sleep popped into my head. So, for fun, here’s a list of the top ten places you should never fall asleep: You should never fall asleep: 10. …while jumping out of an airplane. Duh. Totally self-explanatory. 9.  …while... Read more »

How I Torture and Poison My Children

Before you go calling DCFS on me, understand that I do not actually torture and poison my children. Although, from the looks and attitude I get from them at times, you’d think that’s exactly what I was doing. My girls are tweeners, ages 11 and 9. They are smart, kind, generous and beautiful. Not that... Read more »

Living Well When Your Spouse Works Weird Shifts

Living well when your spouse works weird shifts takes patience, prayer and a commitment to making time for each other, regardless of the crazy hours. For the bulk of our 19 years together, my hubby has worked the midnight shift. He prefers it, and since he’s the one bringing in the paycheck, I figure he’s... Read more »

My Bits Were Bruised

Bicycling is a passion of mine, but after a 13.5 mile ride on Thursday and a 23.13 mile ride Friday, my bits were bruised and sore. My big toes hurt too, but I think that’s because my shoes are too small.  I even have good cycling shorts with the good padding, but just being on... Read more »

I Don't Do Babies Anymore

When I was younger and wanted to be married and have a family, I spent a great deal of time holding other people’s babies. I would hold them for long stretches of time, I’d change diapers, I’d do feedings – nearly anything to get my “baby fix.” Eventually, I got married. After 5 years of... Read more »