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If You Give a Mom a Day Off

If you give a mom a day off, she’ll want to do something special for herself, so she’ll look up the salon’s number to call for a pedicure. When she’s looking up the number for a pedicure, she’ll realize that she hasn’t shaved her legs in a week, so she’ll go to the bathroom to shave... Read more »

I'm Cranky and It's Channing Tatum's Fault

This post may be lengthy, because I’m cranky and it’s Channing Tatum’s fault. In yesterday’s post When did I Get OLD?, I talked about feeling old, because I really wasn’t sure who Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are. That’s relevant to me, because their film crew is at my daughter’s middle school, and it’s two... Read more »

When Did I Get OLD?

When did I get OLD?  I’m only 45, but I find myself saying things I remember my parents saying when I was a kid. Yesterday, I turned on a baseball game – I think it was a Cubs/Giants game, but I wasn’t really paying much attention – and I saw the Giants pitcher up close.... Read more »

Before I Became a Full-Time Mom

Before I became a full-time mom, I worked several different jobs including, but not limited to paramedic, firefighter, office worker, executive administrative assistant and 911 dispatcher. I have an eclectic skills base:  I can write a sporadically humorous blog, fix a music box (one of those “but not limited to” jobs), put out your kitchen... Read more »

Not Your Typical Athlete

I am an athlete, just not your typical athlete. I didn’t do sports in high school, except when they forced me to in gym class. I went to band camp. (This one time, at band camp…) I sang in the choir. I was in national honor society. I was on the stage and behind the... Read more »

I Am Not a Gardener

I am not a gardener, even though we have a garden: A BIG garden for suburban standards. It’s a plot of our backyard that’s 12 feet x 22 feet. We grow tomatoes (grape, cherry and big boy), cucumbers, and green beans every year.  We also have two gala apple trees and a cherry tree planted... Read more »

There's a Bug in My Coffee - How I got my blog title

How in the world did I come up with THAT blog title? Well, I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer for hours today. This is something I don’t usually get to do. This day, being over 90 degrees and super high humidity, I’m feeling inspired to sit in my cool, air-conditioned basement writing... Read more »