Dogs and RV's - A Match Made in Canine Heaven

My husband, Tom, and I purchased a used motorhome in April and recently took a trip out west with our three-year-old English bulldog, Spike. While the RV was nothing but trouble, Spike was no trouble at all. He loved the experience of cruising the American highway all day. Why shouldn’t he? He napped the hours away on a... Read more »

Dying with Dignity. And Love

Dying with Dignity. And Love
When I started volunteering in the cat room at the Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights, I thought the biggest joy would be placing an animal in their new forever home. But I’ve since learned that joy comes in all sorts of packages. My most surprising revelation came when I met, Barney, a 14-year-old brown tabby with... Read more »

You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

Our world is filled with horrible stories. That’s why it was heartwarming to hear some good, no great news, from my long-time friends, Mary Ann and Howard. They adopted a 12-year-old beagle mix named Mia from Second City Canine Rescue. Mia is their second rescued beagle and the new companion to 3-year-old, Darby. Mia came originally from... Read more »

Uncovered - One Feline's Journey from Scaredy Cat to Brave New World

At any given time, the Buddy Foundation, a no-kill animal shelter, cares for 90-100 rescued cats at their facility in Arlington Heights. Some cats/kittens come into the Foundation, are checked by our vet, and are then adopted quite quickly. Other cats will live the remainder of their lives at the shelter. For one reason or another, they are not good candidates for adoption.... Read more »

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent
My husband, Tom’s, biggest worry when I started volunteering at the Buddy Foundation animal shelter last fall was that I would want to take home every available cat and dog. That’s a reasonable worry, but not really logical. With four pets already – three cats and our English bulldog, Spike – we were pretty much at... Read more »

Buddy Foundation Rescues Puppies From Hoarder

In January, over 30 dogs were rescued from an elderly suburban hoarder. The animals were well cared for, but adult dogs were never spayed or neutered and over time, the situation in the home became unmanageable. The Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights took in a dozen of the puppies. The puppies are all small-breed dogs, mainly Jack Russell... Read more »

To Dress Or Not Dress Our Pets For The Holidays. Should That Even Be A Question?

Who hasn’t had a good chuckle over a Facebook photo of a poodle dressed like a pirate for Halloween? Or a tabby dressed like a bunny for Easter? I, for one, have been laughing all week at the TV commercial for Temptations cat treats. The commercial shows a series of cats dressed in various costumes and looking... Read more »

Adopting a Shelter Pet for Christmas? Here Are a Few Things to Consider . . .

Are you imagining the surprise on your little ones’ faces when they open the pantry door on Christmas morning and out bounds a puppy? How about Grandma’s delight when she uncovers that carrier to find a cat nestled inside? Those are movie moments, but there are some serious implications to giving pets as gifts. The Buddy Foundation, a no-kill shelter... Read more »

Scared of Cats? Start with a Kitten!

For most of my life, I’ve been terrified of cats. They always seemed so unpredictable and sneaky. Once in college, a bunch of us camped out on a friend’s living room floor after a concert. Our host had a cat who found my waist-length hair to be quite fascinating. The cat spend the night, swatting at my head. I... Read more »

Older Pets Need Love, Too!

When we think of pet adoptions, most of us probably envision taking home a fluffy kitten or an adorable puppy. But shelters are overrun with older pets as well, and the Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights is no exception. Kittens go fast. The few that don’t get adopted are eventually moved into an adult cat... Read more »