Meet the Blogger

(B) Born in Bronzeville, that’s on the south side of Chicago and I still live there.
(U) Completely urban woman, I consider camping no room service after midnight.
(G) Got into green with a big “G” after ending up hospitalized and then being bedridden for over two years after finishing my medical internship.

Still determined to be of some use on the planet, I went into social work. I’ve seen the toughest sides of urban survival, domestic violence,child abuse, children abandoned to the “system” because of parental drug use,mental illness and imprisonment.  These are some mean streets.

Concern for people and distress about the planet we live on wasn’t a big leap. Once you face the fact that the environment (starting with your neighborhood) is more immediately hostile than global warming you have a new perspective. During my years of research into ways to attack some of the social and economic problems facing Bronzeville I took a look at the effects of food deserts (lack of fresh meat and produce) in minority communities coupled with plentiful fast food in the’hood and the amount of vacant lots, some of which are brownfields (contaminated,once industrial land).  The list goes on.  The research inevitably led to the illustrious history of my community Bronzeville, and the downward spiral over the last half century.

It doesn’t take long for things to deteriorate, especially if those things are the people and places on this tiny planet that we disregard. The decisions we, the people, make about our environment be it what is best for our homes, our block our community or our city impact us all.

I consider myself an activist for the planet who happens to reside in Bronzeville.  So my perspective is from my perch on the south side of Chicago but looking out at the world. This is my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m a B.U.G. and welcome to my blog about Bronzeville, its history, its present happenings and what we hope for the future of the planet. Here you will find a decided lean toward all things sustainable in urban settings, even farming if you can believe it coming from a confirmed urbanite.