Do Unto Others Forgotten in Jerusalem

Do Unto Others Forgotten in Jerusalem
Is god in tears over our behavior?

What a farce when two under investigation leaders like Trump and Netanyahu sit and gloat over the dedication of a U.S. embassy in Jerusalem and consider it a condition for bringing peace to the middle east but I guess that is the very definition of farce, a comedic drama. Apparently other nations find it a farce as well. Most declined to attend this “momentous” occasion.

When I consider the origin of the Jewish state and their rights to the region is a book I’m nearly speechless. I shouldn’t be surprised that at the ceremony Abraham was quoted as the definitive voice of god endowing the Jewish state with the right to Israel and Jerusalem.  For centuries human beings have given credence to whatever their beliefs to justify basic inhumanity to man and woman. The Jewish people suffered. Black people suffered. Irish people suffered, Pakistani and Indian people suffered. Native American’s suffered. You find a people who have not suffered please let me know. We all have grievances. The sad thing is that the human race has not found a way to salve wounds without causing pain and suffering to any peoples not within their specific gang and that is what this is, gang mentality.  What is probably more correct is blame the book and the deity for war, political, economic and social justice infractions. I hate to tell you this but god in whatever form doesn’t need the help we are providing to discriminate and cause to suffer and no book touted by Christians, Jews or Muslims is the definitive guide book especially as explained by followers. 


The people of Palestine are suffering. The unemployment rate in Gaza Strip was 43.6% compared with 18.1% in the West Bank in 2017, and the unemployment rate for males in Palestine was 22.3% compared with 47.4% for females. The highest unemployment rate in 2017 was 44.6% among youth aged 20-24 years. ( Thanks Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu the peace process is moving along swimmingly.


I’m not a diplomat. I don’t have extensive knowledge about the middle east but I do have a sense of fairness. This is not fair. It’s not equitable and the people of Palestine are protesting as should every conscious and caring human being no matter their religion, creed or race.

According to the World Bank, “Initial recovery from the 2014 war in Gaza has ended a short-lived growth spurt resulting in the deterioration of economic conditions. A recent liquidity squeeze in Gaza has led to a rapid collapse in humanitarian conditions, including access to medical treatment, electricity, and clean water.”


But Trump and Netanyahu and Kushner and Mnuchin, et al are having a party with an invocation by Ronald Jeffress, the bigot responsible for statements like“’you can’t be saved by being a Jew,’ and ‘Mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell’.  He’s bashed Islam as well. He is an equal opportunity bigot, a professed Christian. Not to put too fine a point to it, I got news for you Jeffress, it is ludicrous to think a 2700 year old book should be the basis of major  decisions like who is entitled to Jerusalem particularly if you ignore those pesky ten commandments? Remember those? Even more important for someone who professes to be Christian maybe you should consider the words of the Golden Rule, Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. I guess the way it is interpreted is DO UNTO OTHERS whatever you can get away with especially if you can use the book to justify it and the other party is not in your gang.


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  • You really need to educate yourself on the Middle East, Israel and Palestine.

    There is so much here that I'll only mention some points:
    1. There is evidence outside of "the Book" of the presence of Jewish people in the region far back into antiquity.

    2. The Palestinians could have had their own state and government, negotiated under Bill Clinton, but walked away in order that the PLO will have a reason to exist (as the defender against the Jews).

    3. Hamas controls Palestine, and it is a terror organization, a militant Islamic organization sworn to kill all Jews and drive them from the region -- and was elected by the Palestinian people.

    4. Palestinians and Muslims and other non-Jews can be citizens in the Jewish state and vote, and their unemployment is quite low.

    5. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. They have a right to their own capital and ot have it recognized.

    6. Trump has said he is open to a two state solution.

    What seems "fair" to you needs some examination of the facts.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    You prove my point. It is wrong on any side.

    I believe I stated that I was not an expert on foreign relations, nor the middle east. It doesn't take that to see that human beings are cursed to think that any of us is entitled to anything. It is particularly difficult for me to believe an old, often edited bunch of texts gives any one the rights to abuse other human beings.

    Personally I don't think either side should "own" Jerusalem. It should be an international city giving religious freedom to all people. It is the center of Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity of many shades and Islam. This constant fighting is not in line with any of the religions if you want to be serious. I have often said why would god need us poor mortals to fight a Crusade. The concept of "holy war" is an oxymoron. If we believe in an all powerful god why the heck does he, she or it need our helpL

  • Both sides are reaping what they sowed. Only they can end the killing. The idea that God gave either side the land to hold exclusively themselves is both side's curse.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Hi Dennis
    That is exactly my point. If we believe that god is all good and kind there can't possibly be a god that favors one human being over another based on race, color, creed, religion or anything else.

  • Thank you for your post. The best advice I have gotten, which happened to come from a discussion at a Christian church, is that we in this country should not be taking sides in the fight. We should be supporting those who are trying to stop the fighting, working for reconciliation and common ground (now there's a phrase).

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you for your comment Margaret. This is the message that should be coming from ALL peoples.

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