Addicted to MSNBC

Addicted to MSNBC

I have to confess. I stand accused of being addicted to MSNBC news. I admit it. I can no longer ignore the addiction. I need help!

I used to watch the news once per day, mostly in the evening. It was never a pleasant thing to do. I mean seriously, the news is normally depressing. I was horrified when I realized that there had been 18 school shootings this year! I am however heartened that the young people have taken up a banner that we all need to get behind. Save the lives of our children.  But then there is the state of the nation in the hands of Putin’s #agentorangeintheoval.

This evening I don’t know whether to dance for joy that Mueller has scheduled a trial date for Manafort or that Hope Hicks has bailed along side the many defections so far since Trump was elected or to be saddened. This is my country. To hear that Russian media is touting how stupid we are is making me very angry but the most disgusting is the Republican efforts to derail the investigation. What the hell is going on in these United States. I ask again. Is the Republican Party the real RED party?

I have to confess I am also addicted to a democratic country. I would like more democratic socialism but I’ll take democracy. I don’t want an authoritarian government. I like freedom of the press. I like information and that is one of the reasons I am addicted to MSNBC. Information. I crave it. I thrive on it.

Maybe the help I need is for this entire mess to come to an end and this country come to realize that we helped put Putin’s puppet, #agentorange in the oval office. I hope that will be enough. 

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