Mr. Claure Sprint is Not Communicating

Mr. Claure Sprint is Not Communicating

Dear Mr. Marcelo Claure:

I read an article in Fierce Wireless regarding changes at Sprint being instituted to create as you put it “flatter, faster and closer than ever to our customers.” I have to ask how’s that working?  In my only attempt to get a very important matter regarding my phone service sorted out I was left wondering if even the computers were able to communicate, let alone the staff. Let me fill you in on my recent frustration with your company.

On November 2, 2017 I was on a conference call with a Sprint user who had been supplying me with mobile service via your friends and family service. We have a small not for profit working in the inner city to increase sustainability. I really appreciated having my mobile phone coverage and appreciated the woman who was kind enough to provide it. Unfortunately she is no longer able to provide that service. Thus the phone call to Sprint. She needed to remove me from her account. In preparation for this I had found a mobile provider that caters to not for profits. Great!

So on that date in November we thought we completed the necessary steps to sever me from her account. I paid the entire bill and paid the market value for the iPhone 6 in my possession. I asked to have the phone number ported to the new provider. This was late in the evening of Friday, November 2nd. We were informed that my service would end in approximately 2 days. Situation resolved or at least I thought so.

The company to which I was transferring got all the information they needed from the Sprint customer and contacted Sprint to affect the change. Voila! No stop it’s not voila.

At the end of the holidays I still had not received a bill from the new company but I still had phone service. I had difficulty opening the SIM slot on my phone so I took it to the Apple store to put in a new SIM card. I thought maybe that was the problem. Apple staff replaced the SIM card and now NO SERVICE. We tried shutting down the phone and restarting. Nothing worked.

I borrowed a phone to call my new provider. They started contacting Sprint to resolve the issue. No luck. The following day I participated in a call between the new provider and Sprint. What I heard on the phone call convinced me that logic at Sprint has either been thrown out of the window or Sprint doesn’t have any concern for customers.

The service person agreed that I had paid the entire bill in November. He tried not to admit that but I had the email with the confirmation for not only the bill but also for the payment for my iPhone. He followed up by telling us that there was now a balance on the bill that needed to be paid. How is that my problem? I paid the bill. I bought the phone and you won’t unlock my phone?

Apparently someone at Sprint never completed the transaction. Interestingly the number was ported to the new provider. How and why was the number ported and all bills paid in full including the price of the iPhone and yet the device remained incarcerated at Sprint? That of course was my question.

The only answer I could get was a “service representative” quoting company policy that phones could not be released unless the bill was paid in full. The problem is the bill was paid in full on November 2, 2017 when we requested the number and phone be disconnected from Sprint services. Your company is in error. Someone dropped the ball be it a computer glitch or service representative incompetence.  This process started on November 2, 2017 and still is not resolved January 5, 2018.

According to you, Mr. Claure, “we’re creating an environment where partners can collaborate more easily and are empowered to make the decisions that will enable Sprint’s success.” It doesn’t look like it from where I am standing.

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