Saying Goodbye to Democracy

These past few months in this country have been pretty difficult for those of us who experienced the first Earth Day; marched for civil rights and/or wept at the death of friends who returned from Viet Nam in boxes. They left many of us standing in long lines outside of innumerable funeral homes from sprawling urban cities to small towns around this land. There was so much that caused pain but those days also caused growth.

Some of us witnessed the Civil Rights Act, the end of the Vietnamese war the downfall of voter suppression. We rejoiced. We left our love beads and Salvation Army used clothing and finished college and grad school. We then joined the IBM’s and Xerox’s and others to make our mark on society. We dropped into the corporate world. Some of us thrived in our big condos and homes in the suburbs. Some of us relaxed and that is the problem.

Right now we baby boomers are being surpassed in numbers by the generation to follow. That generation turned out to laude the possible election of a Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Some of us old folks were in alignment with those young people who swore to follow Bernie. We pledged to never cave into the capitalist search of ever expanding investment returns.

There was a problem. We saw a light shining, a promise of what we vaguely remembered we fought for but Bernie didn’t get to the finish line and we felt betrayed. We wrote in Micky Mouse or whatever on our ballots because we didn’t like that the Democrats put forth a person who supported fracking. We couldn’t vote for someone who was so tied to Wall Street that we couldn’t see any redeeming features. And now we have Trump.

Our democracy is being eroded before our very eyes. We are afraid there is no future America that even vaguely resembles the country we Baby Boomers died and marched for. We morn for the generation after us that will either have to fight or say Goodbye Democracy.

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