Deniers, Liars, Climate, Trump and Republicans

Deniers, Liars, Climate, Trump and Republicans

Let me start out by saying I do not believe in climate deniers. I believe they are liars. Trump and the rest of his cadre of playing crazy cohorts know full well that planet earth or at least those on it are in serious trouble. So why the charade?

MONEY! This is disaster capitalism at its supreme level. Think about it. Roll back all the regulations that constrict the growth of the bottom line by putting all those pesky and expensive restrictions in place and what do you get? More money.

The Republicans and some Democrats get more moola to campaign and keep their seats in cushy comfort from the fossil fuel industry and the agribusinesses and the pharmaceutical companies. It’s a sweet deal especially if you think we are already screwed. Let’s party till there ain’t no more. Let’s put the bills for our private jets to golf resorts and our grandkids little league games or whatever on the tax payers. The plebs don’t need it. They are out of time. Face it. We may all be out of time. 

Course the other side of the extremely wealthy can make more money to buy bunkers outfitted with en suite aquaponics and hydroponics while they invest in purchasing tickets to Mars or some damned place to escape the burning, drowning, earthquaked, typhoon plagued, tsunami swamped used to be home, earth.

Conspiracy theory you say? Nope. I just don’t believe that many people could be that stupid as to not see the obvious connection between the horrendous storms and wild fires we are experiencing and weather. It’s just not plausible. There are a few because stupidity does exist. I’ll grant you that.

Of course we also must consider another effect less understandable than the just plain stupid or think that outrageous income can save your butt by shipping you to outer space or allowing you to hunker down in a bunker for thousands of years or download your consciousness into a computer for retrieval while the earth is in repair mode. There is the very scary bring on the apocalypse so god can come back group.

These nut jobs believe in a god that is omnipotent, all seeing and all powerful but he/she/it needs the help of puny humans beings to destroy it all so dystopia turns to dust and there is a return of a deity and the rising of the faithful from the decay. I have a very serious error in this paragraph. There are no choices of deity between he/she or it. He is definitely the HE. Whoever heard of a christian who thinks god is anything other than male and for that matter a white male? Silly me.

In case you missed Neil deGrasse Tyson on CNN let me add his comments to this. Tyson said that in the wake of the devastating floods and a damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, climate change had become so severe that we ‘might not be able to recover.’ I don’t know about you but when Neil gets weepy and scared looking, I get terrified.

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  • So the previous twelve years there was not one major hurricane strike on the mainland US. You fanatics and your religion of Climate Change. Too bad that's all you believe in. If you want to help save the earth give up your computer and phone and shelter. Do it for the children. Lead . Just don't blog about it. Let us all know how your new lifestyle is working out.

  • I trained with V.P.Al Gore. I no longer own a car. I use public transportation. I recycle. I'm working to get a renewable based microgrid in Chicago. My life is working so far so good. I forgot to mention we also have a community garden plot. I don't have to give up my shelter. I am working with an organization to bring affordable housing that is sustainable to our community. I didn't encourage my children to produce progeny. I don't have grand children by biology. We fostered young people who had children. They are my grandchildren. Find something positive you can do for your future generations. I'm doing my part for yours.

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