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Using Adjectives for Despicable to Describe Our Government, Primaries and Politics

contemptible, degrading, disgraceful, disreputable, loathsome, reprehensible, shameful, wretched, abject, awful, base, beastly, cheap, detestable, dirty, down, ignominious, infamous, insignificant, low, low-life, mean, no-good, pitiful, slimy, sordid, worthless, vile Do any of the thesaurus suggestions make you think of our current political primaries and process? I would guess the answer to that is “yes”. If you... Read more »

Is Leaving the Toilet Seat Up Sexism?

I have almost 500 FB friends. Most of them post family stuff and sometimes post things that I just don’t care about, like who is sleeping with what celebrity or how cute cats are. I’m allergic to cats but the posts don’t cause me to sneeze so what the heck. Occasionally there is one absolute... Read more »