I can barely keep from retching after reading a story about the following black women Sabrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis, Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontre, Geneva Reed-Veal mother of Sandra Bland all being flown into Chicago by HRC to a quaint little restaurant where HRC could listen to these bereaved sisters talk about their children who met their demise at the hands of the police.


One of the mothers was moved because HRC was taking notes by her own hand. Apparently this really impressed Lucia McBath who also expressed Ms. Clinton looked visibly hurt. Of course she looked hurt. She’s had years of practice putting up a front, acting and pretending so she can get what she wants. Remember this lady has put up with Billy jumping bones from coast to coast and she’s even helped hide some of his nefarious activities not to mention hiding her own and changing her stance on everything with a straight face. My mother used to say she can lie through her teeth and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. That’s HRC to a tee.


All that aside did these women forget that the Clinton clan put the mechanisms in place to militarize the police in the first place and assist the judicial system to incarcerate thousands upon thousands of black men and women? Do they know the Clinton clan gets funding from the private prisons? Do they know that Clinton policies probably cost them and others they know financial assistance they desperately needed and increased poverty by 150%. Do they know that the Clinton clan sent thousands of black men and women to useless wars to be maimed and killed? Apparently not. I sure hope they didn’t hop on this bandwagon for the measly privilege of meeting the famous, being flown around the country to be part of the Clinton dog and pony show and are fully aware of the ass kicking we have had at the behest of the Clintons. One woman,  Geneva Reed-Veal expressed “There I was, sitting behind Donna Brazile and in front of Cornel West,” She should have taken the time to talk to Dr. West who has stated Bernie Sanders is better for black people than Hillary Clinton.

I’m not really angry with these mothers. I have to assume they are so grief stricken that their minds are shattered, but I am throughly disgusted with HRC and her team of heartless thugs who planned this charade. This is almost as bad as HRC’s suggestion that Sanders was responsible in some bizarre way for Sandy Hook. Is there nothing this woman will not stoop to? Is there no sewer she will not swim? HRC had the temerity to name this group “The Mothers of the Movement”. Give me a brake. The only movement HRC is starting needs to go directly into the toilet. Black lives matter to her when they vote for her and only then. When Sanders was marching with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. HRC was campaigning for Goldwater. In fact, I wonder who Dr. King would be supporting. I have a strong idea it would not be HRC. She and Bill apologizing for the years of misery they caused is a slap in the face to people of color. King might have forgiven them but I bet the voting booth would have been a different story.

This Mothers of the Movement scam is beyond despicable and Clinton should be ashamed of herself.

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