Thanks to Bitstrips I can cartoon my frustration and hopefully allow others to blow off steam at the same time.


This strip is about my current frustration with the primaries in this country. Dylan Ratigan had a rant that inspired me. See below:

Never in the history of American presidential primaries have the two frontrunners polled so low when it comes to unlike-ability. In fact, the vast majority of American voters don’t want Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So when you look at the presidential frontrunners, and you think to yourself, ‘Has America gone crazy?’ No, America is deeply rational. The American political system– gerrymandered, “pay for play” dynamic– is creating a selection process that is allowing an extreme minority on the Left and an extreme minority on the Right to choose candidates that are wildly unpopular with 80 percent of the electorate. So when you sit there wondering to yourself whether you’re the only person who doesn’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump remember you are with 80 percent of the American population who do not want either of those individuals. Their candidacy is not a reflection of American dysfunction, it’s a reflection of American broken politics, nothing more. 

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