Jill Stein as Bernie Sanders Option

Jill Stein as Bernie Sanders Option

Yesterday my sister in law in Georgia called me.  She’s a pretty busy lady heading into senior citizenship and recently enrolled in college to finish her degree. I’m really proud of this woman.

Her phone call was about one of her Spanish assignments. My Spanish is pretty weak but it was a good excuse for us to chat. We morphed from homework and grandkids to the primaries. My sister in law commented that she couldn’t see how HRC won Georgia. Nobody she knew or talked to had voted for Clinton. BTW we are black. I echoed her concerns. I couldn’t see how Clinton won Illinois, especially not Chicago, in spite of Bill Clinton’s electioneering at south and west side polling places. I also didn’t know anyone voting for her. Sorry correction, I knew two people.

Well up pops an article on Facebook in the Inquisitor. I don’t rely on Facebook stories en face but I do look into the stories and try to find credibility. I wasn’t surprised with the content of the article, Chicago results were manipulated to put Hillary ahead of Sanders.  I mean look at Arizona, New York and now Rhode Island. Chicago is the capital of scumbag politics. Of course Illinois would be suspect. This situation is disgraceful. Why is it so difficult for the DNC to understand the pushback against Hillary Clinton?

I digress. Part of my discussion with my sister in law was about Facebook. You see she’s too busy with school and babysitting her grandson to spend time on FB. She gets her daily dose of news from network television. When I started to enumerate the complaints of voter fraud around this country she was horrified. When I stated that I would not vote for HRC even if Bernie Sanders came to my house and asked me to support her my sister in law was non-plussed. OMG you would vote for Donald Trump she asked. Of course not I replied. Her response is again the work of network TV. There are other options.

If Bernie refuses to run as an independent after his best attempts to sway super delegates, we can:

1.write him in. This is not as easy as it seems. In some states Bernie would have to submit a petition to run for write in candidacy.

2.Vote for Jill Stein.

This second option gave my sister in law cause for concern. Look at what happened to Ralph Nader was her cry.

Well things are a little different this time around. There is a huge group of voters called independents (estimate around 30% )(45% by Gallop Poll) If you look at the Michigan primary statistics Bernie Sanders received a whopping lead with this group. If this group has no option to vote for him in the general election they may chose to go with Jill Stein of the Green Party. She would certainly be my choice. We would get a woman in the Oval Office and a true progressive. If you don’t know Dr. Jill Stein, please read about her. She’s a female Bernie Sanders and in fact has suggested her followers back Bernie if he gets the Democratic nomination. She is definitely not a Hillary supporter.

3. Stay home and don’t vote NOT AN OPTION

4. Move to another country when Ted Cruz gets elected.

Before I get a boatload of emails from Bernie supporters calling me a copout, let me state emphatically that I am #BernieorBust but I am also an ex-girl scout. Remember “be prepared”.


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  • GREAT post.

    I raised 4 kids in a two-bedroom apt, so believe me I ALWAYS had a solid Plan B, still do.

    Greens will be on the ballot in 40-45 states (out of 50 + D.C.) by November. A win on our issues is possible :-)

    If your sister-in-law needs more info re Greens, the GA state -co-chair is named Bruce Dixson. He also writes & does radio podcasts for Black Agenda Report http://www.blackagendareport.com/blog/9.

    Mr Dixon's email is at the end of each of his articles, if your sister-in-law wants to contact him. He answers :-)

    One quibble re the 2000 election. A media consortium did a Florida recount after the inauguration. Gore won. Nader had no effect.

    However, Nader has been used over & over to scare us away from third parties by those, including the MSM, who benefit from frightening people into voting for the "lesser of two evils". This is manipulation plain and simple.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. #NeverHillary

  • In reply to MF&C alum:

    I hear you. As a woman and particularly a black woman we always need more options. My husbands grandmother used to tell him that it is a poor mouse that only has one hole. Ancient wisdom.:)

  • In reply to MF&C alum:

    I would love to see a Bernie/Jill ticket and I think they could win. Bernie asked us for a political revolution---I think it is time for us to ask Bernie to take the next step and leave the neoliberal, corrupt and dishonest Democratic party. Does anyone know how to start a social media campaign or a change.org petition? I could start one, but I have no presence on social media. Any thoughts?

  • In reply to JlYYman:

    Here is a link for the Change.org petition https://www.change.org/p/endorse-bernie-sanders-for-president

    Thank you for your comments and keep feeling the Bern!

  • fb_avatar

    Jill Stein has stated that she's open to running as Bernie's vice president under the Green Party. That would be fantastic!

  • In reply to Mooose!:

    I can see that as the dynamic duo especially since Elizabeth Warren seems to want to remain in her position.

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