A Dear Jane Letter, Jane Sanders that is.

A Dear Jane Letter, Jane Sanders that is.

Dear Jane Sanders,

I am an avid supporter of your husband, Bernie. I attended the rally at Chicago State University in Chicago. I cheered so much I almost lost my voice. I had tears in my eyes because for once in oh so many years I could feel entirely proud of a candidate. I could actually vote my conscious.

I am a lifelong Democrat. I am seriously looking at changing my affiliation to Independent. The Democratic Party no longer holds any promise for me. I have grandchildren to which the Democratic and Republican parties would leave scorched earth and toxic air. My daughter has fled to the Netherlands to live and she like so many other American expats, have done so at first because of employment but then because they see a world that works better for the common people. This group of ex-pats backed your husband’s candidacy by a huge margin.

I have to explain to you how important it is to so many of us out here making phone calls, knocking on doors and talking to everyone within earshot or telephone about your husband and what he stands for. We are attempting to hold our heads high even in the damning shadow of corrupt news media, corrupt voting. We know you and Bernie have worked endless hours to promote what all Americans deserve, a just and level playing field but this primary is neither just nor level and you know it.

We will trudge on with you to the end. We will demonstrate at the convention. We will push as hard as we can to get your husband into the Oval Office. That being said, many of us will not vote for Hillary Clinton. We are told that this act will give the presidency to the Republicans. We don’t believe that! We believe that your husband is an honorable man. He may want to remain a Democrat but we can’t believe that he will not honor his promise to us. That is to do all he can to keep a Republican out of the most high office in our country. That promise must include running as an independent if and only if the convention, establishment Democrats, ignore the overwhelming voice of the voters.

We the voters of this country are certain that this election is rigged. We have watched votes being changed. In Illinois Bill Clinton flagrantly  electioneered in black communities. Arizona was a travesty. New York was ridden with deceit. How can your husband ask us to support this system? We can’t.

We want to remind our candidate, your husband that he has made this promise to us, his supporters. We owe no allegiance to the Democratic Party. It has lost our trust. It no longer operates to our benefit.

I have seen the open letter from Jill Stein. I started researching the Green Party. I wrote a blog about the possibilities of a woman in the White House, Dr. Jill Stein. There is a push on our Bernie Sanders Facebook pages to encourage Bernie voters to back a ticket of Sanders and Stein. It even sounds good. Say it aloud a few times. It works.

We know you will stand by whatever decision Bernie makes. We just want to remind you that we love this country and your husband. He is the person we need most at this time. We don’t need a woman just because there hasn’t been a female president. We don’t need to back a corrupt dynasty. We need a fight to the finish and that is to the office of the Presidency of the United States, not in 2020 but NOW!

With utmost respect and sincerity,

Dr. Danielle C. Kizaire, Illinois Feeling the Bern #neverhillary

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