Trump Rally in Chicago, HRC and Bernie Sanders

Trump Rally in Chicago, HRC and Bernie Sanders
Photo from Chicago Tribune photographer, Jason Wambsgans

I didn’t go to the rally in Chicago to protest or hear Trump speak. I’ve heard enough to realize that he sounds way too much like Hitler. I also wasn’t surprised that he cancelled his appearance. He wasn’t forced out. He chickened out.

It’s sad that the establishment news media has once again lied or just stretched the truth beyond recognition to call what transpired at the rally as a riot. I’m not surprised by that either. I’ve watched the way the media has ignored Bernie Sanders. No news here, the establishment news is bought and paid for. This is one of the reasons why blogs, Facebook, Twitter, all of social media is so important.

I read an account of the Trump rally by a Chicago Now blogger who was there. She did not characterize the protest as a riot, quite the opposite and yesterday my husband and I were out canvassing for Bernie Sanders and met a young woman in Pilsen who had attended the rally as a protester. She was pretty amused that family members from elsewhere in the country were calling her to “make sure she was OK”. Wasn’t she in the middle of a riot? No way she explained was that a riot. It was pretty peaceful she told me. Of course some folks got loud trying to make Trump supporters see how destructive and divisive this platform would be to our country. Many of them gave up and just walked away shaking their heads. You can’t argue with a rabid dog.

The other point that seems to be overlooked by the press is that the protesters were not all Bernie Sanders followers. From what I’ve been told there were people there who were HRC supporters and others who self-identified as republicans or independents. This was a rally of people who are seeing shades of Nazi Germany and don’t like the smell of it.

The Donald has a right to his bigotry. He has a right to express it. We have an unusual task in this country. Where do we draw the line between free speech and hate mongering? Personally I can’t answer that question.

I hate to see our nation as a boiling over melting pot. I’m saddened by the robocalls I’m inundated with demonizing Ken Dunkin for trying to represent his constituents. I’m saddened when a sitting president weighs in on an Illinois cat-fight between Michael Madigan and Governor Rauner. I’m disgusted that the black community knows so little about all the years that Bernie Sanders has fought for civil rights including being carted off to jail, being chained to a black woman in a demonstration. I have a hard time comprehending why black pastors, ministers and politicians are pushing Hillary Clinton who had her hand in incarcerating thousands of people of color for minimal drug charges. That action alone ruined hundreds of thousands of black families.  Those people leave prison without the ability to vote, secure home mortgages or college scholarships. You want me to vote for Hillary Clinton who campaigned for Barry Goldwater? Black leaders you want me to forget the job losses that have devastated black communities like Detroit because Bill and Hillary supported trade agreements that allowed companies to close down and move oversees where they could use slave labor and you want me to think that is great because we can get cheaper goods at community raping stores like Walmart!  Oh Hillary has changed. She apologized they tell me and Bill actually has his own mea culpa Big deal! She’s had her three strikes and to me she’s out.

Yes, people came out to protest Trump. They were peaceful but I wonder how many people of color have taken a serious look at the polls. Supporting Hillary just might help the Donald win more effectively than any protest at his rally.



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  • Looking at all the polls both Hillary and Bernie handily beat Trump:

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    Glad to hear that.

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