I Cannot Vote for HRC, I Cannot, Will Not Hillary

I Cannot Vote for HRC, I Cannot, Will Not Hillary

I simply cannot bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton. I have tried every argument in my own heart and mind to allow myself to vote for her. I just can’t do it.

Because of my struggle I decided to sign the pledge. I followed the link on Face Book. I read various comments of people who had already taken the pledge. As expected some were just rants, one lady said she would rather vote for a three-day-old turd.  That’s not a fact I can debate. I had to laugh but some of the comments were heartfelt soul searching. One comment that was closest to my own feelings was from a person who was still considering voting for HRC if she was the democratic nominee until Arizona. That was the final straw. I felt similarly in Illinois when Bill Clinton showed up at polling places in black communities and when his security detail blocked traffic in polling areas and when I saw how entire counties in Illinois “lost” change of party information or ran out of ballots. I don’t believe Hillary won Illinois. Illinois, especially Chicago is a machine state, thoroughly accustomed to cheating or whatever means necessary politics.

Then the news came flooding in about Arizona, Florida, etc. I had night sweats remembering the hanging chads from Florida of years past. I heard from friends and family from other states who witnessed voter suppression first hand.

So amidst my euphoria over the Sander’s wins I still had a sense of foreboding.  Wasserman-Shultz and the other machine minions are going to continue this insane path. They are going to pull the guilt trip, if you don’t vote for her you will help the Republicans to win. I have never refrained from voting. What to do?

I have not forgotten how mass incarceration has decimated my community. I know how many more families were plunged into poverty by the war on the poor called welfare reform. I spent years employed by the social work industry watching families be destroyed because young people couldn’t get a decent education in their communities. Young men and women who sold drugs (mostly marijuana) and were charged with felonies and lost the right to vote or get student loans.  I witnessed the loss of the most basic of gains made during the civil rights era and I couldn’t blame it all on the Republicans. The Democratic Party hasn’t done much for the minority community either. What is even more disturbing is how much Bill and Hillary Clinton have contributed to our oppression. I’m not just talking about the war on drugs or the welfare reform. I include the wars that have killed, maimed and psychologically and emotionally crippled people of color. In Illinois we can’t even get medical cannabis for PTSD but that’s another story.

So, in the face of all this I signed the pledge. I will not vote for HRC and I made my comments, granted permission to have it posted on my timeline and then a funny thing happened. It didn’t show up on my timeline and my IPad mini went blank.

So if you want to sign the pledge,http://wontvotehillary.com/


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    I feel you but having Trump or Cruz pick a 33 year-old anti-women's rights and civil rights corporatist Supreme Court justice who could have a negative impact on our country for half a century is enough to make me hold my nose and cast my vote for Hillary. And I'm not just talking about Scalia's seat. The next president will probably name one or two more justices.

  • In reply to Harry Towns:

    Scary thought and one I have certainly visited during my long consideration to sign the pledge. I think basically that the refusal on the part of a number of us not to support the lesser of two evils can make a difference. Those of us who support this effort are also campaigning for and dedicating time to elect other progressive candidates.

  • Some interesting thoughts and opinions on the Clintons. It seems that you are "feeling the Bern". The question is, Bernie is promising so much more than all the other Democrat presidential candidates in history. Think he will deliver? And if he does, what will it be like.

    We had one Democrat president promise over 20 times that health care coveage would go down and more people would be covered and that we could keep our doctors and health care policies. This has not happened.

    You trusted this man with your health, and now you want to trust another with the rest of your life.

    Maybe it's time to ask the government to step aside and let the power revert to the people. In sixty years the Democrats have done nothing but destroy once vibrant neighborhoods by failed "feel good" policies and programs.

    Pull the lever for any Democrat expecting different results is the definition of what? Yes, for a set of funny Bernie glasses, it's the definition of insanity.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    What is your question?

  • In reply to Danie:

    I didn't know a question was required.
    This is my response to your post.

    Good luck!

    Politicians always disappoint. Some more than others.

  • So does that mean you'll be voting for Trump? Seriously, who are you going to vote for if not Hillary?

  • In reply to Gary Lucido:

    Hi Gary, nice to hear from you.
    No, I will not be voting for Trump. In fact,if the murmurs in the Republican camp are to be considered, Trump will not be the candidate. The Repubs have a number of ways to get him out including a brokered convention. Now that there is a scandal brewing against Randy Ted who knows what will happen.
    My stance is conscious, my own. I'm so sick of the current political system in this country. I realize my ancestors who fought and died for the right to vote and I am willing to fight to change this accursed fraudulent system and I know for a fact that HRC is part of the problem. If she gets the nomination so be it but I will not help her to the oval office. I will campaign and vote for every real progressive running for any office. Green Party? Yep. Whatever means necessary to preserve, no regain a working government for the people and by the people.

  • In reply to Danie:

    You are the first Republican(?) I've heard who seems sound of mind and reasonable. I'm sure you're not the only one, just the only one I've had the pleasure of encountering online.

    Thank you!

    I, too, will not vote for HRC, nor will I vote for Trump. I do not entirely agree with Jill Stein, but she is at least 'fit' to be a candidate and I would be proud to see a woman as POTUS, as I was to see a person of color. The two party system is a joke, it is toxic and it is bad for America.

    Regards, Jay

  • In reply to JayMat:

    I consider myself an independent. This last primary has soured me on being a party player. I will vote issues. Thank you for being open minded about your vote. We, this country is becoming a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Visiting Canada a few weeks ago I got a lot of "what is going on down there? questions. My reply, insanity.

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