Open Letter to Brian L. Roberts CEO of Comcast

Open Letter to Brian L. Roberts CEO of Comcast

Comcast Corporation
Comcast Center
1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Dear Mr. Brian L. Roberts, Comcast, CEO:

I am writing on behalf of many of your customers who are paying money for services like triple play and not receiving the services. In particular there are comments in the forums dating back to 2013 expressing frustration because while attempting to use the on-demand feature on the internet we get commercials but no program content. This is extremely frustrating.

Today alone my husband and I spent over three hours with customer service. We started with the on-line chat. Though Francis attempted to reset the signal, etc. we still were only able to get commercials.

We then followed her suggestion and called the following number 801.657.3754. After going through the computer selections, we finally reached a human being. She couldn’t fix the issue and offered to connect us to another department that supposedly dealt with video issues. We were cut off twice. We called the number again and went through the same exhaustive computer options before reaching another person. Once again the person couldn’t help us and we were transferred again and the call dropped again.

Our final call was picked up by a very professional young man who after prompting us to erase the history and try several on demand options contacted his supervisor. No help here either.

It is not like this is a new issue. The forums and discussions are full of this complaint in various degrees, no content, won’t play after the first commercial and so on.

So, I am taking the following stance and will encourage others to follow suit. I am contacting the sponsors for commercials that are appearing and letting them know that because of the inability of Comcast to correct this issue we will now boycott their products and services. It seems only fair that the companies sponsoring your services should share some of the blame and pain of having your customers inundated with commercials and NO program content.


D. C. Kizaire-Sutton

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