Whose Piloting the Cannabis Ship Since Morgan Parachuted Out?

Whose Piloting the Cannabis Ship Since Morgan Parachuted Out?

Bob Morgan, the current head of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot project is stepping down. Things that make me go hmmm??? Mr. Morgan stated that it had been a pleasure to serve. I can’t help but wonder if he is considering any possibility of the many lawsuits and (hopefully) investigations into the licensing procedure leading to service in an orange jumpsuit.


I’m not suggesting that Mr. Morgan was involved in any wrong -doing. I have no information and I haven’t heard any talk on the street. I will say that there are some interesting things developing.


The newspapers reported that ex college room-mate of Lou Lang, the sponsor of the cannabis legislation was applying in Illinois. The street talk is that he got a license. How can that be? He died in December of 2014.


Former governor, Pat Quinn stated that applicants should only be allowed one cultivation license. Rauner disagreed and so we have grateful proclamations from people like Tim McGraw of Revolution Cannabis. He stated that Governor Rauner had made the right choices. Well of course he did, Tim. Your company got two cultivation centers.


Look Governor Rauner, if you really believe in the GOP platform. You should be encouraging as many entrepreneurs as possible. That doesn’t mean feeding the big guys more of the pie. Just as a reminder, here’s the GOP platform.


Restoring the American Dream: Economy & Jobs

Job Creation: Getting Americans Back to Work

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Tax Relief to Grow the Economy and Create Jobs

American Competitiveness in a Global Economy

Fundamental Tax Principles

Reining in Out-of-Control Spending, Balancing the Budget, and Ensuring Sound Monetary Policy

Balancing the Budget

Inflation and the Federal Reserve

Ending the Housing Crisis and Expanding Opportunities for Homeownership

Rebuilding Homeownership

Infrastructure: Building the Future

More American Jobs, Higher Wages, and A Better Standard of Living

A Twenty-First Century Workforce

Freedom in the Workplace


Please don’t tell me that you were worried other companies were not capable of producing enough weed for the patient population. Cresco Labs has declined one of their licenses because patient registration hasn’t stepped up to meet the forecasted demand. Then again, spreading the wealth is not in the GOP platform. It’s trickling or is that tricking as usual?


Lou Lang the sponsor of the bill also praised Rauner. “Gov. Rauner deserves a lot of credit here,” Lang said. “It’s great for patients.” Yep Lou and your dead college buddy.


Rauner’s general counsel, Jason Barclay, released a statement listing problems in the Quinn process that had created “a risk of substantial and costly litigation” to the state.

Barclay said that the teams reviewing the applications imposed arbitrary cut-offs in scores “that were not expressly contemplated or provided by law that effectively eliminated certain applicants from consideration.” Unfortunately I haven’t found any information to state that this faux pas was corrected. No matter, we still have lawsuits for which we tax payers will have to shoulder the expense.


I’d like to end this diatribe with this statement from Revolution Cannabis. I’m particularly excited about the statement regarding unjustly incarcerating people for using this wonderful healing plant. Yep, I agree with that especially considering that my group, African Americans, are four times more likely to be incarcerated even when usage rates between us and whites are equal or less. I’m wondering what is the ratio of African–Americans or any other minority of color getting licensed to grow, sell and prosper compared to whites.  I hear steps are in the works to allow Native Americans to grow on the reservation but nowhere have I heard about my 40 acres.


All I’ve heard is about big money getting all the cheese and even when people of color have the credentials and the required money they don’t even get a nibble.


Our vision is a world where all patients have access to the medicine they need and no human is unjustly incarcerated for using this wonderful healing plant. Revolution Cannabis


LOL Through Clenched Jaws!


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