Samsung Stung by Obama Veto

Samsung Stung by Obama Veto
Apple Happy while Samsung Smarts

This morning President Obama vetoed a decision made by the International Trade Commission.  There hasn’t been a veto such as this in decades.  I might not have seen this information had it not been for one small detail.  I was looking for some way to get the Samsung S5 Google model I Phone that my daughter sent me nearly two years ago repaired.  It worked when she mailed it to me from Beirut where she was teaching.  It arrived in Chicago neatly packed, bubble wrapped and cozy.  I don’t think the trip here caused the problem.

Any way it arrived and I joyously plugged it in to charge….nothing not a peep, not a blink.  I don’t claim to be a techy.  My other half has that title so I handed him the phone in exasperation and I have to admit some sadness.  Darn I was looking forward to having this updated technology.  At least it was an update from the phone I was currently using.  To illustrate how concerned I am with gadgets I need to admit that the same daughter had given me the prior Nexus phone for Mother’s Day.  She is a techy to the core.  My husband and daughter in a long discussion via Skype decided that something must have happened to the battery.  We ordered a new battery.  Hope springs eternal.

The battery arrived.  It was inserted.  The phone was plugged in for over twelve hours.  I was jubilant.  I am going to have a phone that does all kinds of neat stuff!  NOT.  Picture fallen face of discouragement.  This time even my daughter and husband were perplexed.  Considering my lack of gadget greed the phone and its associated accessories was put in a plastic zip lock bag and banished to the back of file cabinet drawer #3.  That is our no man’s land of electronic stuff to be recycled.  For some reason the phone missed out on the two or three trips we have made to the electronic recycle.  I’m beginning to think this cell phone is my curse for not paying sufficient attention to technology. The phone won’t work and it won’t leave me.  So once again we decided to give it a try.  Actually I decided.  My husband is so far ahead of this phone model he can’t even understand my passion except he knows how stubborn I am.  We took the phone to the T-Mobile store.  The customer service person couldn’t figure it out either.  He plugged it in to a charge cord.  We all saw a spark of life.  We exclaimed in unison.  It must be the cord…not.  The darned phone died immediately.

Being of scientific nature we decided that the next step in our investigation should eliminate the possibility of charge cord error by using our cord to work on another phone.  Results…nothing is wrong with the cord.   Back to square one but not quite.  Put our phone on a new charger.  Results none, zip, nada.  By this time the customer service person admits defeat.  Of course the store doesn’t have a battery for our model phone.  The phones so outdated.  It’s over three years old!!  Do we buy a battery in hope that the phone will then work?  This is where my husband draws the line.  Please give up Danie.  I’m an Aries that is not going to happen this easily.

So, this morning I surfed the web looking for any information about this vexing telephone.  Where can I send this thing to get some kind of answer?  Google Samsung this morning and you get Obama.  Wow, I wondered if he was having trouble with a Samsung phone.  No, it appears Samsung is having a lot of trouble with our President.  After I read a few of the articles I wasn’t as concerned about my telephone problems, at least not completely.  I was happy with our President for standing up for fair competition in the market place.  Apple is happy too but I am still pissed about my phone.  I will be calling the 1-800 number for Samsung!

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